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I cased in three books this week. The first one was a blank notebook with graph paper. The book was titled This Is Blank, a book I mentioned in episodes 227 and 225, below. This time I made a few changes (words, mostly) and bound it differently. 

Three_Covers.jpgThe second book was one-ninth of Laurence Sterne’s Tristram Shandy. I made a complete set of all nine volumes of Tristram Shandy some time ago and I am going to apply what I learned about bookbinding to a new set. Or I may make it into one volume or both. If I make another set I only have eight-ninths to go. I bound this one differently as well.

The third book was one of my unfinished novels in the Japan Pentalogy titled Botchan’s Bartender. It is the only unfinished novel in the Japan Pentalogy series. By binding it I hope to read it, make corrections, edit it, and be inspired enough to finish it. As the other two books, this one used a different technique.

BotchanPage.jpgThe different technique is one I learned from a YouTube video by Jacqueline Poutasse. It involves gluing the spine piece to a piece of paper, measuring accurately, and adding the cover pieces. This aligns the covers and spine very nicely. Also, I measured the spine gap more accurately as well. In order to have the crease on the covers of the completed book, I have been experimenting with the spine gap. It has gradually gotten larger. On  Botchan’s Bartender the gap is 10 mm. On the other two, the gap is 6 mm. 

This new (for me) technique also seems to be faster. Less guessing, I guess?


ThisIsBlank_cover.jpgThis week in Fiction can be summed up nicely with: I wrote three chapters in Fear Itself. I can add, I also sped up the plot, incorporated more conspiracy, and made it darker and a touch more violent (both physical and emotional.)


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 Fear Zero


A 10-year-old Matt McKenzie is thrown in prison for murdering his mother. Can he survive sadistic guards, violent inmates, loneliness, and fear? When he’s 16, he could be released. How will the six years of fear, pain, and violence change him? Will he be able to find a job or a place to live? Will he fight for survival on the streets? The odds are against him.

This is the prelude to The Fear Trilogy, a dystopian future war novel which follows McKenzie from war to peace and back to war through power-hungry politicians, conspiracies, and intrigue.

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 Two murders in the same town. Separated by 20 years.

How are the suspects, witnesses, and victims related?


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