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The Merchant of Venus & Other Stories


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Here, for your reading pleasure, are six short stories of love, magic, sex, and dementia.

A traveling salesman finds himself crucified in an abandoned church; a bride and groom see their entire lives in an instant; a professor lies on his death bed but believes himself to be in love. And more.

If you want to preview the stories, two (Monkey, Dick, and I and The Merchant of Venus) are available for free. A bonus chapter from my next short story collection, This Giant Frothy Thing, is included.

The stories are:

Slow Arc Into Asphalt – a grocery store clerk seeks love but finds abuse. She must escape.

What Love This Woman Has a university professor may or may not be succumbing to Alzeheimer’s or dying.

Monkey, Dick, and IA scam artist and his 12-year-old daughter find her a new home with an old Navy buddy.

Divorce at First SightIn an instant in a bar both the bride and the groom see their entire future.

In A Quiet Little Bar on the CoastA traveling salesman drops in on a local bar to find an assistant; he finds war, a destroyed church, and more.

The Merchant of Venus – In this world it is possible for men to create women using their own body parts; a problem arises when the woman falls in love with her creator. And Marshall falls into this problem.


Also available as a Real Book! If you’d like a real book made of paper and book cloth instead of an ebook, contact me and I will send you the details. Handmade!