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———— The Fear Trilogy  ————

Fear Zero

FearZero_2Cover.pngMatt McKenzie, a ten-year old boy, is thrown in prison for murdering his mother. He must survive sadistic guards, violent prisoners, and loneliness. He reacts to violence with violence; he becomes a feared inmate, and he thinks he has made two friends. However, one friend, Monster, is unpredictable and violent. The other, Doro Ferrell, is psychotically shy, so much so that he only writes his end of conversations. When the prisoners turn 16 years old, the prison owners, the Conglomerate that controls everything in the world, must release them. Can McKenzie, Monster, and Ferrell survive with no skills, no Conglomerate number, no jobs, and no places to live? Can they survive each other?

Fear Zero is the prolog to The Fear Trilogy which traces the life of McKenzie from a violent upbringing to an imprisoned ten-year-old to the real world where aliens are fighting against the Conglomerate. Can the aliens win? Or is it a suicide war that involves everyone on the planet, including McKenzie, Monster, and Ferrell?

The Fear Trilogy is coming soon! Fear Itself, Fear the Dead, and The Sound of Fear. 

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— The Oregon Murder Mystery Series —


City of Cocks: A Poetic Murder                                                                                                                  

CityofCocks.pngSol is accused of murder. His only hope to be proven innocent rests with his wife and an alcoholic poet who sees ghosts. In a small town on the coast of Oregon, a teenager is murdered. All the evidence points toward Sol. He drives the same kind of truck, he has no witnesses for the time the teenager is killed, and the crime scene is on his way home from the bar where he was drinking. And worse, the local politician wants the crime solved immediately.

Mack the poet is an alcoholic who see the ghost of a local chicken barbecue joint and lives out of his car. Sol’s wife Anne is a letterpress printer. Neither have any experience in solving crimes or proving suspects innocent. They must rely on the kindness of friends of a bartender with no legs and a waitress/mechanic with an itch to move on.

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 Feeding Vicki’s Corpse


The sequel to City of Cocks.

McCorkle, a retired Boston policeman, stumbles into a murder case in a small Oregon coast town. The police chief begs him to solve the case, but McCorkle soon discovers truth and justice are not in the best interests of a local businessman. A businessman with political friends. In looking for evidence of the murder, McCorkle discovers a girl has been raped and someone is protecting the rapist. 

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———— The Calvado Quintet ————

The Calvado Pentalogy are Time Slip Novels that follow the medical student/fashion model Calvado from the present day to 1400 Mainz, Germany, to New York City, to 1500 Venice, Italy, the Oregon coast, Japan, and present day Venice, Italy.

Calvado is a character in all five novels but sometimes hidden behind a different (but similar) name, age, and nationality. 

The five novels are Tristram’s Printer, Calvado, The Priests of Hiroshima, The Idiot Runs, and The Venetian Slime Woman. 

Coming Soon: Calvado, The Priests of Hiroshima, and The Idiot Runs!


Tristram’s Printer: A Typographical Love Story

TristramCoverSmall200x200.jpgRie, an independent, willful woman finds herself falling in love with typography, papermaking, and Harvey, a man old enough to be her father. Harvey wonders if his attraction to Rie is because of the death of Christine, his only child, two decades earlier. The two women seem similar to him. 

Tristram’s Printer is Book One of the Calvado Pentalogy.

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 The Venetian Slime Woman: A Biological Love Story

VSM_Cover_Small.pngArcielda is a woman born from a petri dish of slime found in the canals of Venice. Her body is unique and her lifespan could be eternal. She is a member of a unique band of humans who have sought refuge from the dictates of harsh dictators. The US government (either the CIA, the FBI,  or Homeland Security) wants to ‘investigate’ her which means certain death.

With the help of an EPA water specialist in Seattle, she eludes the government agent. They race across the US until they find a mysterious tunnel in St. Augustine, Florida. 

The Venetian Slime Woman is Book Five of the Calvado Pentalogy.

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——— The Short Story Collections ———


The Merchant of Venus & Other Stories

Merchant_Cover.jpgSix short stories of love, magic, sex, and dementia.

A traveling salesman finds himself crucified in an abandoned church; a bride and groom see their entire lives in an instant; a professor lies on his death bed but believes himself to be in love. And more.

A bonus chapter from my next short story collection, This Giant Frothy Thing, is included.

The stories are:

Slow Arc Into Asphalt – a grocery store clerk seeks love but finds abuse. She must escape.

What Love This Woman Has a university professor may or may not be succumbing to Alzeheimer’s or dying.

Monkey, Dick, and IA scam artist and his 12-year-old daughter find her a new home with an old Navy buddy.

Divorce at First SightIn an instant in a bar both the bride and the groom see their entire future.

In A Quiet Little Bar on the CoastA traveling salesman drops in on a local bar to find a sale. His customer finds war, a destroyed church, and more.

The Merchant of Venus – In this world it is possible for men to create women using their own body parts; a problem arises when the woman falls in love with her creator. And her creator with her.

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This Giant Frothy Thing

FrothyCoverWAVE_smaller_copy.jpgWhy do two Tokyoites experience ghosts while four find love in the most unexpected places in these six inter-connected short stories. A voice urges one person to jump to her death. Another ghost haunts a woman throughout the day. How does a coffee shop fight turn into soulmates meeting each other?

The Six Stories
Sato — a woman is haunted by a strange voice yet finds love in an elevator.
Aikawa — a wannabe musician who finds an unlikely vocalist.
Obayashi — a woman who, even though she graduated from the best university, falls for a shogi-playing taxi driver.
Suehiro — a hair stylist student dreams of love and Italy but her job in a coffeeshop interferes. Or does it?
Tajii — a sales woman is hounded by a strange voice who urges her to jump to her death; she struggles to defeat it.
Ishii — a businessman who wishes he could travel the length of Japan until he meets a woman who makes kyudo bows and arrows.

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These books are also available as a Real Book! If you’d like a real book made of paper and book cloth instead of an ebook, contact me and I will send you the details. Handmade!