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3_Red_Kimono_Books_.jpgI made three books one of which is the Speaking & Eating Kanazawa guide and Japanese language assistance book. After photographing and talking about them in Episode 203, I started another book; a graph paper notebook. What I should have done instead was edit and write Giapan and Botchan’s Bartender, two of my Japan Pentalogy novels which should be finished before you can say Procrastination. However, I didn’t, so there you are.

In the photo, the book with the kimono cover on the right is the Speaking & Eating Kanazawa book. If you’re coming to Kanazawa and don’t speak Japanese but do sometimes get hungry, this is the book for you. The kimono-clad book on the left is a graph-paper blank notebook. The red one in the middle with the closing strap, is a graph-paper blank notebook on light brown paper.

In this episode, I read the first page of a novel I began hundreds of decades ago. Well, at least half a decade ago. Caraculiambro: A Giant Mystery.

Caraculiambro was a giant Don Quixote talked about in his eponymous novel. He is never actually seen, just put up by the knight as what would happen if he ever came across a giant. In Giapan, Caraculiambro appears as both a giant, mean, and helpful (eventually). In this book, he is a giant and a private detective. 


Page One of Caraculiambro: A Giant Mystery

Caraculiambro_Cover_One.jpgCall me Caraculiambro. Some years ago, I forget how many, I was forced from my home in Olympia - home of the gods! - by intolerance. By the small minds of ordinarily-sized people, of which I can proudly state I am not. They called me names to my face, whispered behind their hands whenever they saw me, and the younger, more hot-headed ones would often chase me with baseball bats or tire irons. They always chased me in gangs of five or more for they knew fewer would not be able to subdue me.

The ordinarily-sized people called me names like Frankenstein or Quasimodo. They obviously did not know Hugo’s mythological creature was a short, misshapen hunchback and Frankenstein was the deranged medical student of Ingolstadt, not the poor hand-crafted creature of his insane experimentation. As if these poor people could read. If a comparison could be made I would dwarf Frankenstein’s nameless creature by more than two feet. And I would tower over Quasimodo like the spires of Notre Dame over-shadowed that poor misshapen man’s entire life.

My doctor hesitated using the word ‘giant’ around me but that is what I am. I am a giant. Twice the height of a normal man and twice everything else: weight, hand size, shoe size. Everything. It is for this reason and this reason only the people I encounter fear me. It is as if they believe if I were no longer on the planet, they would be better. A common misconception among ordinary people: if there were no differences between us, we would be happier. 

The most intolerant were the zealots of religion; any religion. I was, in their view and words, an abomination, like pork, lobsters, and homosexuals. I’m convinced the more zealous the zealot, the less they are able to read. If they had read Genesis, they would have discovered that I am a Nephilim, the offspring of female humans and the gods that roamed the earth after God created the day and night, stars, and life. They think I’m joking, of course. Perhaps I am. I must face my life with humor or my tears would be a river that will flood the earth anew.

After a group of thirty youths brandishing clubs and bats chased me out of town, into the woods at the base of Mt. R–, and through the night, I decided to fight back. Not against all thirty that night, of course, that would’ve been suicide. And not with my fists and muscle, which would have been easy, but counter-productive in the long run; violence and hatred only begets more violence and hatred. And I would probably have landed in jail. No, I decided to follow in the footsteps of Jesus, Siddartha, and Hester Prynne, she of the lettered stigma.

As intolerance forced me from Olympia, I fled to the city of S–, which I refuse to identify. I established myself in S–  as a private detective. I investigated mysteries that ordinary people could not understand. I was determined to be both the best detective and the most indispensable. I would, like Hester, who became the perfect Puritan woman, become the ideal businessman, and a run a very profitable business. Ordinary people would have to accept me because successful people can not be denigrated by the smaller people. At least, that was my goal. It worked out slightly differently.

After this, he gets involved in a land speculation conspiracy that leads to a murder and the disintegration of an extended family. Want to read more? Let me know.

To see me talking about Speaking & Eating Kanazawa, click on the logo


TDGB 015 Speaking Kanazawa

email: tedorigawa.bookmakers@gmail.com

CityofCocks2.jpgI cased in 3 notebooks last week and two of them are lined notebooks available for purchase. More on that later. I was going to case in five notebooks but I discovered some Horrendous errors in two of them: a printing error that made the page shift to the right waaaay too far making the photos in it unusable. Plus a pagination error. I mean, 45 shouldn’t follow 68, right? Am I right on that? Good.

One is Speaking Kanazawa which has both language assistance (Japanese and English) and reviews of coffee shops and restaurants.

Speaking Kanazawa has proven popular with several citizens of this city and is in the process of being edited. There have been some errors! In Japanese! That must be repaired before it is released into the wild.

Feeding_Vicki_s_Corpse.jpgSpeaking of jumping into the public, my two murder mysteries, The City of Cocks and Feeding Vicki’s Corpse have Still! not been edited! I must be the laziest human in this room. Please wait for exciting updates on this possibility!


YouTube_75x75.png New Video!

TDGB 013: Three Notebooks


SixTexts.jpgI had ten days off from ‘real’ work so I spent a lot of time at home doing home things. But once I rambled back to the studio here I started making books. I have six paperback-sized books (A6) that soon will be available to everyone! I hope to make editions of 12 of each book and sell them rapidly, as we all do. The covers will probably include kimono and indentations.


They are:

  1. Yes! Moat Boat
  2. Yes! Moat Banana
  3. The Seriously Humorous One
  4. The Seriously Humorous Notebooand, of course,
  5. Hunting Kanazawa, which has been renamed to Speaking Kanazawa.

The first four will probably cost around $8.00 (or ¥800) each. Three & Four  are graph paper notebooks of 100 pages each with no pictures. One & Two have small pictures on one page of inspiring people.

Yes! Moat Boat has pictures of people related to books such as the inventor of paper (Cai Lun), the inventor of movable type (Bi Sheng), the popularizer of movable type (Gutenberg), and folks like Peter Shoffer, Nicolas Jensen, Aldus Manitius, John Baskerville, and Claude Garamond, who invented the typeface you’re seeing here.

Speaking Kanazawa is a language guide and tourism guide to selected restaurants, coffee shops, and bars in Kanazawa. Very useful if you don’t speak Japanese.

Odd_Cover_2_Big.jpgFollowing my inspiration from Europe, I have experimented with better (?) more creative covers. Things are not going exactly to plan, but that’s the point of experimenting. I’m working on adding designs to the backcloth covers that I currently make. This first picture is of bookcloth on bookcloth in geometric design. 

Following that cover, I made several more smaller covers. Not actually covers but experiments in construction. First, I made the Odd_Cover_Tada.jpgdesign slightly bigger than the whole I cut in the bookcloth. Then I realized I didn’t have to do that, I could just make the design cloth bigger than the hole. 

Here we have the back of another pair of covers. I’m using leftover bits plus a postcard to a Jun Tada exhibition from last year as endpapers. 

Odd_Cover_1_2.jpgHowever, once I made the design paper slightly bigger than the hole, but bigger, I realized when I ran a bone folder over the cover, the design paper formed an edge around the hole which wasn’t what I wanted. I wanted the edge to be in the same shape as the hole. If I make the hole square, no problem. If I wanted a letter or number, it is a problem.

I must continue the experiment and continue improving my art ability (if I actually have any art ability, that is.)

YouTube_75x75.pngCheck out my YouTube channel for two new — and mercifully short (about one to three minutes) — videos about these covers and my two jobs at Tedorigawa Bookmakers.


IMG_9262.jpgI jetted off economy to Europe for three weeks and thoroughly enjoyed myself in Vienna and Budapest. I learned a lot about both places, visited museums, attended a concert, ate great food (of course), and talked with people — in English, I might add as I am among the unfortunate who speak neither Hungarian nor German. 

Here is a photo of me standing beside a Gustav Klimt painting titled Blind Man which is found in the Leopold Museum in Vienna. I thought the red of my shirt, the red of the wall, the whiteness of the portrait’s subject’s hair and my beard made for a nice photo and memory of my trip.

Also on plans for soon is a lined & graphic paper paperback-sized (A6) blank notebook with photos of people who are either inspiring and/or have something to do with bookbinding such as the creator of the Garamond typeface (this article is written using Garamond), Claude Garamond; the creator of the Baskerville typeface, John Baskerville, as well as the inventor of paper (Cai Lun) and movable type (Bi Sheng). Hopefully, their faces on your notebook will inspire you.

Another project includes finishing Giapan, my Don Quixote-related novel about two guards, a Japanese artist, and a defrocked nun in 1600s Spain and placing it for sale as an ebook and as a Real Book with interior design by me.

A one-minute video about my European Inspiration can be found on YouTube with the inspiring title of:

European Inspiration

Speaking of which, here is my


YouTube Channel

and my

Facebook page.


Maya_Front.jpgI have completed two more schedule books. They start in April 2019 and continue until April 2020. They are both Coptic-bound with seven signatures. They include 2019 and 2020 calendars plus 13 monthly calendars/

They are personalized in that the clients sent me photos they wanted included. I have duly included them and now, for a very small fee, they have unique schedule books unavailable to the common person on the street.

However, you, too, can have a personalized schedule book - for a small fee. Just email me at tedorigawa.bookmakers@gmail.com and include the following:

size: A5 or A6 (pocketbook) The red and black book with the red pen is A5.

binding: Codex (looks like a real book, like the book with the red pen) or Coptic. The blue book is coptic bound. The advantage of a coptic-bound book is that it can be opened completely. They can be opened 180˚ which makes them very useful for artist’s books or diaries.

For details (in Japanese at the moment), go to For Sale on my website.

For_Sale_Spine.jpgYou can send up to 10 photos (jpg) and I will include them somewhere in the schedule book for free. Over ten and we need to discuss pricing. 

The second book I finished uses a recycled box. It is also coptic and A5. It has photos but is primarily a blank notebook with graph paper. It is also light weight as the client wanted something they could carry around on long trips without getting tired.


Finally, I am writing a novel that takes place in 1600 Spain. A nun is escorted to her home town by two violent bodyguards and accompanied by a young Japanese artist. The novel is loosely based around (not on) Cervantes’ Don Quixote in that some characters in Cervantes’ book show up in my book. Plus, both books are episodic. Now, a poet Cervantes’ knew was Barahona. Barahona wrote romance-style novels and Cervantes called him on of the best writers in Spain (they actually met, I believe.) Naturally, one of the characters in my novel is called Barahona as well. For two reasons: One, Cervantes knew the real Barahona. Two, bara in Japanese means Rose (the flower) and hona is very close to hana, which means Flower in Japanese.

Caraculiambro is a giant in Don Quixote, although he never appears; Don Quixote just tells Sancho Panza about him. He appears in my book which, by the way, is called Giapan


My one mistake from last week: My short story In A Quiet Little Bar on the Coast is not free on Amazon et al but free on YouTube as an audio short story. You can find it here: Quiet Little Bar. Please enjoy.

Espanol_1_Front.jpgLast week I also finished an A6 (pocketbook size) blank notebook that includes Spanish-English-Japanese vocabulary for a Japanese client who is studying Spanish while being fluent in both of the other two languages. The title of the blank notebook is español.

It is one hundred pages. The recto is completely blank while the verso is lined. Or vice versa. Each blank side has a Spanish word and that word is then used in a sentence in Spanish but not in English or Japanese. The client has been instructed that she must translate them or understand them on her own as she learns more and more Spanish. 

Espanol_2_Endpapers.jpgSample Sentence. In Japanese there is a phrase Even a Monkey can Do it. (猿でも出来る). Meaning, of course, not that monkeys are intelligent enough but that the task is simple. Even a monkey can do my job, for example, shows that the person speaking doesn’t think much of his or her job. According to Dr Google, this is translated into Español as: Incluso un mono puede hacerlo. I hope that is close to being correct. 


I have also finished one of three schedules for 2019. Fortunately, the two I haven't finished start in April. I want to finish them soon as I won’t have much time in March to work on them. One wants a coptic binding, which I always enjoy making. The other wants a codex, which is sometimes frustrating. However, they both want pictures that they have taken in the interior. A personalized, not-available-in-stores schedule! What could make a finer gift?


The Merchant of Venus & Other Stories is available on

Apple Books,


Barnes & Noble,



Hunting_1.jpgI have distributed all of my Hunting Kanazawa language & guide books including giving five to a souvenir shop to give to customers. I hope the souvenir shop likes what they see and the customers enjoy the book, which includes a 2019 & 2020 calendar.

I have also finished and shipped a 2019 schedule book to a client who liked it so much she ordered another one for 2020. Nice. At the same time, another person emailed me and requested an April-to-April 2019 schedule book. Also nice.

CityofCocks2.jpgThat is what I have accomplished in the last week. What I have not accomplished includes not editing my City of Cocks murder-mystery novel which I wanted to upload and sell online. I need/want/desire to get it up as soon as I can. Not accomplishing things also includes not finishing two more April-to-April 2019 schedules and my edition of Don Quixote. This I hope to finish and give away (I don’t own the translation rights and don’t want to rip the translator off; it’s a lot of work translating.

And for you?! Free short stories that I hope you can enjoy. On AppleBooks:

  The Merchant of Venus


Monkey, Dick, and I.

MerchantCOVER450_small.jpgThe Merchant of Venus & Other Stories on AppleBooks Amazon


First, a little self-promotion. Check out my two collections of short stories on Apple Books, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Nook. They are The Merchant of Venus and Other Stories and This Giant Frothy Thing: Love & Terror in Tokyo. Two stories from The Merchant of Venus and Other Stories are available for free. 

CityofCocks2.jpgSpeaking of online sales promotions: I hope this month to have a murder mystery novel up on the usual places. The City of Cocks (think Biblical roosters) takes place in a small coastal Oregon town where everyone knows everyone else. A local citizen is accused of and arrested for a murder. It is up to his wife and her best friend (a drunken poet) to save him. This will, with luck and perseverance, be followed by Feeding Vicki's Corpse, a murder mystery novel of the same people thirty years later. 

What have I “done” this month so far? I have completed a 2019 schedule book with perfect binding. I have received an order for a coptic-bound 2019 schedule book that runs from March to March. I am working on two other 2019 schedule books that also run from March to March. I am InDesigning Don Quixote, a one-off singular novel that I will probably give away. Finally, I am writing, rewriting, editing, procrastinating my first science fiction novel: The Sinking of the Saavedra Maru (which, obviously, has a bit to do with Don Quixote's author Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra.) Another novel that takes place in the 17th century (Giapan) has Señor Cervantes as a character. And a Quixote character as a character.



First, let me remind you that I have two collections of Short Stories on Apple Books, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Nook.

This Giant Frothy Thing: Love & Terror in Tokyo


The Merchant of Venus and Other Stories.

Hunting_1.jpgNext, I have finished binding all 15 copies of my Hunting Kanazawa A Language & Guide Book. I have given the stores mentioned in the book a free copy with the hint that I’m willing to sell copies to their customers. So far, praise (which I’m happy to get), but no sales as of yet.

Next on my agenda is to design, print out, and bind two 2019 Schedules with the year starting in March. I hope to finish both of them by the end of February. One requires a special cover; one that is both special and especially difficult to make. 

Speaking of covers, I’m looking for a cover designer for my science fiction novel (The Sinking of the Saavedra Maru). Unlike literary fiction, I realize that covers for SciFi novels need to have the required images & tropes. If you have any suggestions or recommendations, please let me know.


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