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First, a new video is up on YouTube of me casing in a couple of books, twice. Check it out here if you've got 10 minutes to enjoy watching a casing in video.

 Shandy_Two.jpgMostly in the last week I made the two practice covers, made the video about it, and learned a bit. I have also been working on a couple of books on my computer. First is Tristram Shandy by Laurence Sterne. I am making changes on the inside and hope to print it out and case it in this week. (Promises, promises, eh?). I want to practice making the spin gap properly while at the same time producing an edition of fiction people can enjoy reading. I’m also pondering whether to make all nine volumes into one.

The second plan is to produce more Eating Kanazawa books and spreading them around the city. It is a Japanese-English language guide and café/restaurant/bar guide for tourists. I’ve had to make changes because some of the stores mentioned in the original book have either gone out of business or moved.



 I have been dutifully writing on Fear Itself. I have been making it stronger and a quicker read. I should really, really finish it and start on book two of the trilogy: Fear the Dead. Fear of completing it seems to be my fear. Tell me to finish it! And I might.

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 Fear Zero


A 10-year-old Matt McKenzie is thrown in prison for murdering his mother. Can he survive sadistic guards, violent inmates, loneliness, and fear? When he’s 16, he could be released. How will the six years of fear, pain, and violence change him? Will he be able to find a job or a place to live? Will he fight for survival on the streets? The odds are against him.

This is the prelude to The Fear Trilogy, a dystopian future war novel which follows McKenzie from war to peace and back to war through power-hungry politicians, conspiracies, and intrigue.

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Check out my Oregon Coast Murder Duet on the Fiction For Sale Page!


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 Two murders in the same town. Separated by 20 years.

How are the suspects, witnesses, and victims related?


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