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Practice_2_Books.jpgFirst, I had a bad cold last week and was unable to function. I managed to struggle out of bed a few hours at a time, but not concentrate on making books. I did, however, before succumbing to the bug, put the mull and endpapers on two practice books.

I folded, sewed, and glued up pages that had printing errors on them. I then glued on the endpapers and bookmarks. 

Just as I was about to measure and cut the book boards, and glue on the book cloth, I stumbled head first into a nasty head cold. I took two weeks off and now am feeling up and eager to finish these practice books. Today, I cased din the two books. Practice makes perfect and casing in two books of scrap paper is definite practice.


I have deepened and continued the saga of Fear Itself. I made changes similar to the following.

  • 1st draft: He was standing next to the dead body.
  • 2nd draft: He stood next to the dead body.
  • 3rd draft: He paced around the dead body.
  • 4th draft: He paced around the bleeding body, cursing it.
  • 5th draft: He paced around the bleeding body, kicking it each time he passed the head. “Idiot,” he cursed.

Keep in mind that the time between the first draft and the fifth is often in the neighborhood of five to ten minutes; sometimes in the broader arena of ten to fifteen months (usually not that long). Sometimes the first draft is entered on a screen, but drafts two, three, and four play on only in my head. The fifth draft gets typed up. 

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