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Bookbinder Page of the Week: Sea Lemon. She has a ton of videos on YouTube plus other social media sites. Well worth the effort to watch and learn.


This week found me casing in two books. First was a A6-size (pocketbook) blank notebook with 100 pages. A nifty red cover with indents and outdents on the front. Also included is a bookmark.

Second was a Personalized 2020 Schedule starting in April. It has two yearly calendars (2020 & 2021), 14 monthly calendars (this and next  year's March are included), and a weekly calendar for 2020 to March 2021.) The cover is an old shirt of the client's and some decorations. Inside are about 15 photographs of the client and the travels they made during last year.

If you would like a personalized 2021 Schedule or a lined or blank Notebook, contact me.


I have written and finished! Yes, finished! Fear Itself and Fear the Dead. Books 1 and 2 of the Fear Trilogy. On the old laptop now is The Sound of Fear, Book 3 of the Fear Trilogy. It is going along smoothly. What I learned in The Sound of Fear (working to an outline) is helping with this book. I have an outline. I write to it. I add sparkle, spices, intrigue, and aggression to make it more exciting.

In the final book of the Fear Trilogy, Matt comes up against a formidable enemy, finds friendship with a former enemy, and may have found a long-lost friend.

I have also read, proofread, printed out, and sewed up The Year Without Days. The Japanese Pentalogy is ready to make into an ebook and publish! Yeah!

The Japanese Pentalogy is

  • Botchan’s Bartender,
  • The Tokyo Tunnel Girl,
  • The Nuns of Nañao,
  • Giapan, and
  • The Year Without Days.

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