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Videos to learn about the Caterpillar stitch for bookbinding: Caterpillar Stitch with Kristi Warren & Caterpillar Stitch with Mike


I learned the basics of the caterpillar stitch (from the two YouTube videos linked to above) and used it to repair a pair of torn jeans. I shall do better on my next attempt which I hope will be a book cover.

I printed out another 2020 schedule and still have four books to case in by the end of February/middle of March. 

Sadly, I am moving my studio from this place to a smaller place in the next few months. The smaller place is also free, so that’s a strong motivator. 


I wrote a bunch on Book Two of the Fear Trilogy: Fear the Dead. It is suspenseful, driving, and, I hope, powerful. I suspect it will be finished by February 29th, right on schedule. Next, I outlined Book Three: The Sound of Fear. This is due to be finished by the end of March.

Similarly, for some inexplicable reason, I started another trilogy. Even before outlining my second trilogy: The Vengeance Trilogy, I wrote a few pages and an outline of The Byzantine Zombie Trilogy Book One: Death in Constantinople. Perhaps Constantinople should be my second trilogy, eh?

Finally, I proofread four of the five books in The Japanese Pentalogy and am finishing the fifth book: The Year Without Days as I type.

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