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Rather than actually do any bookbinding work, I came up with some problems: aligning and improving. I need to align snaps on a shirt to use as a book cover. The shirt might be a tad too thick but the biggest problem is aligning the snaps.

Second, I looked at a book I made about a year ago and it looks very weather-beaten. Perhaps because of the book cloth I used, perhaps because the book board is too thin. I need to improve both of those so that the books I make will stand up to time.

Third, I have four books that need to be cased in in the next couple three weeks.


FearZero_2Cover.pngI created deadlines for my fiction. Starting with my Fear Trilogy and ending with a new trilogy. The Fear Trilogy should be finished by the end of February and I seem to be on track to finish. The new trilogy is penciled in to finish by the end of September. Can I do it? 

In the last couple of weeks I have edited, proofread, and written on the books I want to publish on Apple Books, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and Scribd.

What have I actually done? I’ve edited & proofread novels in the Japanese Pentalogy: Botchan’s Bartender, Tokyo Tunnel Girl, The Nuns of Nañao, and Giapan. One more to go: The Year Without Days. These are scheduled to be finished by the end of February.

Calvado_Cover_2.jpgAfter the Japanese Pentalogy I do two more things. First, I rush into my Calvado Quintet which I hope to finish by the middle of May. Second, I edit & proofread my Oregon Murder Mystery by mid-July. Third, I outline, write, proofread, edit, and upload my Vengeance Trilogy by the end of September.



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