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A new YouTube episode at TDGB 33 Casing in a Notebook for your viewing pleasure. 


Nothing! I have accomplished nothing in bookbinding this week. I did print two 2020 schedules and a small A5-size notebook but I have not sewn, glued, or cased anything in. An unproductive week, alas.


I set a deadline for Fear Itself and it appears I may meet that deadline. The deadline to finish is the end of this month. I am inches — Inches, I say! — away from finishing it. I need merely sit my butt on a chair and type. 

After I finish Fear Itself I need to outline and start writing — with Passion and Speed! — Fear the Dead which is Book Two in the Fear Trilogy. My deadline for Fear the Dead is the penultimate day of February (the 28th this year). Wish me luck.


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