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BlnkNtBk_Cover.jpgI cased in a 105-page, A6-size, blank notebook with a bookmark, and rounded corners. Primarily to see if I could case in rounded corners. I was 50% successful which is better than abject failure, don't you think? Yes, me, too.

The cover is from an old kimono and is the last of the kimono-esque book cloth I have. I need to make more. I have a few (maybe three) kimono so I lack not the cloth; merely the time and motivation. Now that I'm out of kimono backcloth, perhaps motivation just slapped me upside the head.


I have set a deadline for myself for the alien war trilogy book one: Fear Itself. The new deadline and, more importantly, one I am working hard to make, is January 31st. The book will be finished by then. (Or not?) Then on to Books Two and Three.

Another book I wish to finish, Botchan’s Bartender, has been assigned the deadline of February 14 Valentine’s Day. It is a murder mystery but character-driven with several inter-twining love stories, failed love stories, and one deadly love story. Plus, a woman with a dark past who wishes to keep it secret.

Check out my YouTube channel for brief and, hopefully, concise how-to videos and other less structured videos.

A new one about Casing in the Blank Notebook above will be up by the end of next week. (Hopefully)


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