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Casing in Two Notebooks

Maya_s_Book_1.jpgIn the last week I cased in two notebooks. Notebook 1 is 110-pages of blank sheets with page numbers. The notebook itself has headbands and a bookmark. It is slightly larger than A5, in fact, it is half an 81/2 x 11 size sheet (US letter size). I slapped on a red cover with a black spine.

The client seems happy with it so I am happy with it. The client wants to use it in their travels over the next few months as a journal, hence the blank pages.

Graph_Front.jpgNotebook 2 is the A5 in size, also with 110 pages but with graph paper. Included are headbands and a bookmark. It is half bound book meaning. of course, that its corners and spine have a different backcloth from the rest of the book. This one sports a kimono-esque cover which I made by tearing apart a kimono.

Both of these notebooks have nice endpapers that I purchased in Tokyo on a long-ago trip to that fair city and dropped in on the world, probably, famous, Ito-Ya. Tons of paper and supplies.










Yes! I have been writing. Did a bunch of revisions on Fear Itself and Botchan’s Bartender. And, as always, I hope to finish them before the turn of the century.

Check out my latest video about the Link Stitch cleverly titled Link Stitch

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