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2020! A New Year!

(And great vision as well)

IMG_0592.jpgStill working.

On binding books, on writing novels, on producing podcasts, on making videos.

• This week: Sewing, gluing, adding mull & the spine piece to two blank notebooks. One has graph paper, one has blank paper; one is A5, one is B5; both have seven signatures of five folios each, and a bookmark.

Also, a video is up on YouTube: TDGB 32 Link Stitch.  It runs about three minutes. A still from the video is at left. 

• Next week: casing in the two blank notebooks. Plus printing out two Schedules for 2020; they start in April so I must finish them before the end of March or earlier, of course. These are Personalized Schedules — the clients have sent me 13 jpeg photos to be included in their schedules.

You, too, can order a Personalized Schedule or a Personalized Notebook with photos of your choice. They make great gifts! Check out the 手作り本販売 page. (or click on the link.)


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