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This_Page_Cover.jpgA problem! I cased in an A-5 (pocketbook)-sized blank notebook with graph paper. And I cased it in very, very badly. Perhaps I was too much in a hurry? Perhaps I didn’t think things through? In any case, the book cover was too small. After, of course, I glued it to the backboards. I foolishly sliced it open in a vain attempt at making it larger. This failed to work.

I studied the book. I thought about the errors of my way. I did some research in the proper measurement for everything. I think…… I think I may have solved my problem. If – and this is a very big IF – I pay attention to what I’m doing.

Making the bookboard just the right width plus the gap between the spine and the covers seems to need my attention.


Still writing; still not finishing; still see the light at the end of the novel. Fear Itself coming…This Century!


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Novels Available for Your Reading Pleasure Yeah!

 Fear Zero


A 10-year-old Matt McKenzie is thrown in prison for murdering his mother. Can he survive sadistic guards, violent inmates, loneliness, and fear? When he’s 16, he could be released. How will the six years of fear, pain, and violence change him? Will he be able to find a job or a place to live? The odds are against him.

This is the prelude to The Fear Trilogy, a dystopian future war novel which follows McKenzie from war to peace and back to war through power-hungry politicians, conspiracies, and intrigue.

 Available at iBooks-icon.png iBooks  • Kobo • Barnes & Noble  • Scribd

The Oregon Coast Murder Duet 

The City of Cocks

CityofCocks.pngSol is wrongly arrested for murdering a teenager whose father works with important people in this small Oregon town. They all want someone – Anyone! – arrested and convicted of the murder. Sol must rely on his wife and a friend who is an alcoholic poet who sees and talks to ghosts. Not a strong defense team.

The City of Cocks is a sister-novel to Feeding Vicki’s Corpse.

Available at: iBooks-icon.png iBooks  •  Kobo  •  Barnes & Noble •   Scribd

 Feeding Vicki’s Corpse


McCorkle, a retired Boston police detective, is haunted by the death of someone he loved as he wanders around the US. In Oregon, he saves the lives of four teenagers. The chief of police asks him to help solve a cold murder case. In his investigations he discovers the murder is related to a rape. But the most powerful businessman in the town doesn’t want the murder solved or the rape exposed.

Feeding Vicki’s Corpse is a sister-novel to The City of Cocks.

Available at: iBooks-icon.pngiBooks  •  Kobo   • Barnes & Noble  ª  Scribd 

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