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I have ink! I have ink but little time and no - zero - appropriate paper for what I want to make. I want to make a 2020 Schedule (A5) and a graph paper notebook (A6). I will purchase the paper today and print them out. I will, at the minimum, sew the signatures. The notebook is called This Page. The entire title is This Page Intentionally Left Blank and, of course, that page is crowded with that sentence, indicating it is not Blank. But the other 100+ pages are blank graph paper

Speaking of Schedules, the schedules I make are personalized. They are mostly A5 in size, but if you send me 10 pictures of your choice, I will include them in the schedule. You can tell me which photos go on which month or you can let me decide.

You can also tell me if you want birthdays indicated on the schedule. Holidays are in red; birthdays are in blue. The Schedules include two yearly calendars (2020 and 2021), a monthly calendar for 2020 running from January to January 2021, and blank or lined pages for your valuable notes and doodles.

If you click over to 手作り本販売 at the top of the page, you can see the particulars.


I continue to write on Fear Itself. I am trying to make it stronger, more powerful, and more exciting.

By stronger I mean even casual conversations are fraught with anger, suspense, or a menacing subtext. For example:

“Hi,” he said as he toyed with the trigger of his revolver. He moved to keep it out of her line of vision.

“You look tired.” She ran her hand over the drawer with the knives.

“A little bit,” he smiled. He stepped closer to her.

“Want a drink? Something to eat?” She pulled open the drawer as quietly as she could. “I could whip something up for you.”

By more powerful I mean strengthening the verbs and sentences. For example, instead of me writing: He had been sitting in the chair for an hour in the rain. I write: He squirmed in the chair. An hour ticked by. He wasn’t bothered by the time. But he wanted to kill the rain. I hope the second visual is more powerful.

And by more exciting I mean more exciting.

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Books Available for Your Reading Pleasure

 Fear Zero


A 10-year-old Matt McKenzie is thrown in prison for murdering his mother. Can he survive sadistic guards, violent inmates, loneliness, and fear? When he’s 16, he could be released. How will the six years of fear, pain, and violence change him? Will he be able to find a job or a place to live? The odds are against him.

This is the prelude to The Fear Trilogy, a dystopian future war novel which follows McKenzie from war to peace and back to war through power-hungry politicians, conspiracies, and intrigue.

 Available at iBooks-icon.png iBooks  • Kobo • Barnes & Noble  • Scribd

 The City of Cocks

CityofCocks.pngSol is wrongly arrested for murdering a teenager whose father works with important people in this small Oregon town. They all want someone – Anyone! – arrested and convicted of the murder. Sol must rely on his wife and a friend who is an alcoholic poet who sees and talks to ghosts. Not a strong defense team.

The City of Cocks is a sister-novel to Feeding Vicki’s Corpse.

Available at: iBooks-icon.png iBooks  •  Kobo  •  Barnes & Noble •   Scribd

 Feeding Vicki’s Corpse


McCorkle, a retired Boston police detective, is haunted by the death of someone he loved as he wanders around the US. In Oregon, he saves the lives of four teenagers. The chief of police asks him to help solve a cold murder case. In his investigations he discovers the murder is related to a rape. But the most powerful businessman in the town doesn’t want the murder solved or the rape exposed.

Feeding Vicki’s Corpse is a sister-novel to The City of Cocks.

Available at: iBooks-icon.pngiBooks  •  Kobo   • Barnes & Noble  ª  Scribd 

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