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CityofCocks2.jpgI cased in 3 notebooks last week and two of them are lined notebooks available for purchase. More on that later. I was going to case in five notebooks but I discovered some Horrendous errors in two of them: a printing error that made the page shift to the right waaaay too far making the photos in it unusable. Plus a pagination error. I mean, 45 shouldn’t follow 68, right? Am I right on that? Good.

One is Speaking Kanazawa which has both language assistance (Japanese and English) and reviews of coffee shops and restaurants.

Speaking Kanazawa has proven popular with several citizens of this city and is in the process of being edited. There have been some errors! In Japanese! That must be repaired before it is released into the wild.

Feeding_Vicki_s_Corpse.jpgSpeaking of jumping into the public, my two murder mysteries, The City of Cocks and Feeding Vicki’s Corpse have Still! not been edited! I must be the laziest human in this room. Please wait for exciting updates on this possibility!


YouTube_75x75.png New Video!

TDGB 013: Three Notebooks


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