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SixTexts.jpgI had ten days off from ‘real’ work so I spent a lot of time at home doing home things. But once I rambled back to the studio here I started making books. I have six paperback-sized books (A6) that soon will be available to everyone! I hope to make editions of 12 of each book and sell them rapidly, as we all do. The covers will probably include kimono and indentations.


They are:

  1. Yes! Moat Boat
  2. Yes! Moat Banana
  3. The Seriously Humorous One
  4. The Seriously Humorous Notebooand, of course,
  5. Hunting Kanazawa, which has been renamed to Speaking Kanazawa.

The first four will probably cost around $8.00 (or ¥800) each. Three & Four  are graph paper notebooks of 100 pages each with no pictures. One & Two have small pictures on one page of inspiring people.

Yes! Moat Boat has pictures of people related to books such as the inventor of paper (Cai Lun), the inventor of movable type (Bi Sheng), the popularizer of movable type (Gutenberg), and folks like Peter Shoffer, Nicolas Jensen, Aldus Manitius, John Baskerville, and Claude Garamond, who invented the typeface you’re seeing here.

Speaking Kanazawa is a language guide and tourism guide to selected restaurants, coffee shops, and bars in Kanazawa. Very useful if you don’t speak Japanese.

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