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Another Getting-Out of the Zone called Comfort. As promised: a Semi-Tunnel book instruction Without Pictures! Good luck, I hope I explained it well enough. 

I'm gathing my wits about me to attempt another challenge for myself ~ approaching a small coffee shop to allow me to teach simple bookbinding in simple English (or more complex depending on the students' English level) for a couple of hours. My current plan is to teach a variety of folding structures. They don't require glue or thread. And then a couple of pamphlet books that require only thread. The idea is not to improve their bookbinding skills but to improve their English skills through bookbinding.

But first! I must approach the owner to see if he will allow me to use his shop for a couple of hours during a slow time. The shop only fits five or six people comfortably. If I teach there, he will only be able to sell coffee to my four or five students. If I get that many. 

Let me know if you succeed in making a semi-tunnel book. Or if my explanation was too off to understand.

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