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First, let me remind you that I have two collections of Short Stories on Apple Books, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Nook.

This Giant Frothy Thing: Love & Terror in Tokyo


The Merchant of Venus and Other Stories.

Hunting_1.jpgNext, I have finished binding all 15 copies of my Hunting Kanazawa A Language & Guide Book. I have given the stores mentioned in the book a free copy with the hint that I’m willing to sell copies to their customers. So far, praise (which I’m happy to get), but no sales as of yet.

Next on my agenda is to design, print out, and bind two 2019 Schedules with the year starting in March. I hope to finish both of them by the end of February. One requires a special cover; one that is both special and especially difficult to make. 

Speaking of covers, I’m looking for a cover designer for my science fiction novel (The Sinking of the Saavedra Maru). Unlike literary fiction, I realize that covers for SciFi novels need to have the required images & tropes. If you have any suggestions or recommendations, please let me know.



Just too late for your Christmas shopping, I have uploaded a new book of short stories titled: This Giant Frothy Thing Love and Terror in Tokyo. There are two ghosts and a whole lotta love. Minor characters in one story meet their true love in another story, for example. A coincidental meeting during an altercation in a coffee shop land a hairdressing student and a paramedic in love, for another example. And in another story, a kyudo (弓道) bow and arrow apprentice meets a man trapped in an office job whose passion is making and selling  jewelry.

This book is available at all the usual places meaning, of course, Apple Books, Amazon, Nook, and Kobo. For the price of a frappuccino (a giant frothy thing, see what I did there? In each story someone orders or is drinking a giant frothy thing.) you can enjoy love, ghosts, and getting lost in the back streets of Tokyo.


In any case, check out the free sample, purchase a copy for your winter holiday reading pleasure, and Have a merry Next Year and a Festive Holiday!


Hunting_1.jpgI distributed copies of my Hunting Kanazawa: a guide book and language text to several (okay, six) of the restaurants and coffee shops in the book. First, of course, I measured and cut the endpapers, the book boards and the book cloth. Second, I glued the endpapers to the text block, and glued the book cloth the the book boards. Next, I glued the text block to the covered book boards. Sounds simple enough but it’s amazing how long it can take. I did ten in one day and have six more to finish. Only, so far, one mistake (the day a restaurant is closed.)

The Covers! Five of the covers are regular light blue (looks white in the photo, but it’s not) and dark blue. Both have the opposite colored marker on the front of the book. The marker mimics the title piece on a Japanese-style book: rectangular and vertical. Each Hunting Kanazawa is A6 in size. (148 mm x 105 mm. About 6" x 4" for you USA-centric readers; i.e. about the size of a paperback.) They are approximately 100 pages so suitable for carrying around in your pocket. Also, there are 38 pages available for doodling and scribbling notes to yourself or others.

Hunting_2.jpgThe Other five covers are ripped from two different kimono. One is a darker and thicker cloth which is fun to hold. A very tactile cloth. The other four kimono covers are silky and thin. I gave all the shops a choice of kimono-clad book or regular book cloth-clad book. I was surprised that most chose the kimono-clad one, because I was told re-using kimono cloth was not something done. Maybe they were talking about expensive kimono, not the ones I can afford to buy.

A mostly positive response from those who have seen and read bits of it (except for the one error. I hope there’s only one.) The language section was praised in that the waiter can point at the Japanese and the non-Japanese customer can read the English equivalent, assuming they can read English and vice versa.

 email: tedorigawa.bookmakers@gmail.com

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This year’s National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) say me drop 20,000 words short of the 50,000 word goal which will result in me working through the novel during December and offering you, my loyal listener, a free book. My first novel in a genre I didn’t really like when in high school despite the fact my father had hundreds of the things lying about the house. I’ve read some (Heinlein, Asmiov) but never really was too interested in them.

Until 2018! When I started

The Sinking of the Saavedra Maru!

TSSM takes place in outer space, of course, on a multi-generational ship to populate another planet. The main focus of the crew is Guzman89, Flynn, Markus, Kokkei, Wade, Williams, and the captain, Gynere. Guzman89 is the 89th version of a cloned person and she is in charge of the cloning/medical coma section of the ship. The others range in age fro 20 to about 140.

Rather than put people in deep freeze until they need to be thawed out (something most interstellar novels include), they are put in a medical coma and given anti-aging chemicals as discovered by Nobel-prize winners May-Britt Moser and Carol Greider (not together or in the same year).

However, Gynere is attacked and Flynn & Markus are ordered to find the attacker. They must question everyone including their boss (Guzman89), their subordinates (Kokkei, Wade, Williams) and others. 

Also on board are two very strange comatose patients. One, called the Hermit by others, is very old. He was, perhaps, involved in a war on his home planet but deemed valuable enough to save by the rulers. He’s dipped in a coma until his injuries can be healed.

The second is a brain-dead young woman whose organs continue to function normally. With no blood. Why would the spleen clean and recycle blood that no longer circulates in her body? 

Success! For you. My plan is to finish The Sinking of the Saavedra Maru before the end of the year and make it available online for three or four people to read, if they wish. A Free Book! For you! If you want it. 

I will make the appropriate announcements when the novel is finished.


14_Hunting_Kanazawa.jpgSpent a few hours cutting and gluing some endpapers on Hunting Kanazawa (a guide book with Japanese language lessons and restaurant recommendations) but have 10 more to go and I need to speed things along. Samples of these books need to be in store owners’ hands before December as there is a 2019 calendar included. I’m really really late, I know. Let’s consider these as samples of what to expect Next Year (2020) and hope next year I manage to finish by October or earlier. I’m thinking of dropping the restaurant recommendations for two reasons: one, they disappear quite quickly either because they don’t have the customers or the owners have decided to quit or move on to another adventure. Two, there are too many to seriously cover in such a small book.

FrothyCoverWAVE_smaller_copy.jpgThis Giant Frothy Thing: Love & Terror in Tokyo is the next book I will have for sale both digitally in all the familiar places plus as a real book made by me. It is six stories. The main characters of each story experience either love or terror. They also run into at least one character from another story. Usually, but not always, at a coffee shop. They all order a giant frothy thing; something Starbucks has opted to name a frappuccino.

For example, in Obayashi, Obayashi, a woman who just graduated from college, after drinking, goes to a coffee shop with a male and very drunk female fellow graduate. The female tells Obayashi a secret, which upsets, irritates, and saddens Obayashi. The man makes a move on the female, going so far as to cope a feel and expose her in the coffee shop. Obayashi and the man get into a fight (not a shouting match; coffee is thrown). The coffee shop manager calls an ambulance for the overly drunk female. 

Three things happen. First, Obayashi storms out of the coffee shop. She rushes across a park to grab a taxi. In the park, she runs past a man composing music. She jumps in a taxi and discovers the driver loves playing shogi and Bottecelli. As does Obayashi. They decide to get together to play shogi and talk art. Second, the man in the park gets his own short story (Aikawa) and we learn what he does and who he meets. Third, the coffee shop manager gets her own short story (Suehiro) after she meets someone who has the same love of travel as she has and we learn what happens to them.

As you might be able to tell, I don’t have a cover for This Giant Frothy Thing that I am comfortable with. Any suggestions? Let me know.

Don’t forget: The Merchant of Venus & Other Stories is for sale oApple BooksAmazonNook, and Kobo.

email: tedorigawa.bookmakers@gmail.com

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14_Hunting_Kanazawa.jpgI’m deeply involved in making 16 books, all Hunting Kanazawa, a guide/language book for tourists to Kanazawa who speak or read English and want to use/learn a bit of Japanese. Or people who read Japanese and want to read in English about this fair city.

I’m also hoping to get an ebook up before the end of November. This one is called

This Giant Frothy Thing: Love & Terror in Tokyo.

People in their daily lives run across other people, ghosts, disembodied voices, and love in Tokyo. Hopefully, a couple of stories will be listed either here or for free on all the old familiar shopping sites such as the fruit that keeps a doctor away and the Brazilian river one.

This week you can see a short (if you consider 18 minutes short) video of the ocean as I say my In a Quiet Little Bar on the Coast short story from my short story collection, The Merchant of Venus & Other Stories. If you can cast your mind back to last week, the audio of In a Quiet Little Bar on the Coast was featured here. Now, on YouTube, it has visuals to go with it (mostly waves. And a seagull.).



The video is here: In a Quiet Little Bar on the Coast.

The book from which it was taken, The Merchant of Venus & Other Stories, is on sale here:

Apple Books




By the way, you can ask me if you want to know how I make my audio for this podcast and/or the videos for my YouTube channel. Or even, how I make my books — my Real Books. (Hint: It involves an iPad, a desktop, InDesign, and my brain. Ouch, on that last one.)


QuietCover.jpgThe first paragraph of In a Quiet Little Bar on the Coast, a short story scattered with magical realism, time-warping, and realism.

I’m sitting in this quiet little bar out on the coast. It’s a small bar, not a lot of walk-in customers, you know what I mean? A few locals, a couple of working ladies. Josh, the bartender, likes it quiet. Loud bars attract too many noisy policemen and Josh, well, he’s had enough of the police for one lifetime. Anyway, it’s not a busy place, right? Then about noon, this guy walks in. Plunks a well-travelled suitcase on the counter and orders a beer. Cold, he says, like he’s had warm beers in places like this before. He sniffs, looks around, sniffs again and finally blows his nose on a stained handkerchief while looking at Magda, the older working lady.

Reading this and other stories is possible in The Merchant of Venus & Other Stories available at all the usual places:

Apple Books,


Nook, and



MerchantCOVER450_small.jpgI’m sitting in this quiet little bar out on the coast. It’s a small bar, not a lot of walk-in customers, you know what I mean? On the ocean side of a two-laner wandering up the shoreline. The building, low and fat against the wind, waves, and rain, sits stubborn like. A few local working people hanging around after their shifts; a man who says he’s retired nursing a beer for twenty years, and a couple of working ladies.

That is the opening paragraph of my short story In A Quiet Little Bar on the Coast, one of the Other Stories in The Merchant of Venus and Other Stories. I’m doing two things with it that might be of interest to you all. First, I’m making changes, corrections, and improvements. Second, I’m recording it to upload somewhere as an audio short story. It will be posted here, of course, and perhaps another online source; I’m not sure where yet.

By the way, the cover photo is by Dutch photographer Lode Van de Velde.

The Merchant of Venus and Other Stories is available at Apple Books, Amazon, Kobo, and Nook. If Nook is still in existence these days. Looks like Barnes and Noble is on the ropes, doesn’t it? 


The other thing I hoped to  have finished by last week is 15 guidebook/Japanese lesson book/blank notebook journals of A6 size, about 100 pages and useful for tourists wandering around Kanazawa.

What is finished are schedules for 2019. In the photo you can see five, two with book cloth covers (red and white) and three with kimono cloth covers (blue and flowery).

The Schedules are for sale on my store at: Tedorigawa Bookmakers.

email: tedorigawa.bookmakers@gmail.com

YouTube: Tedorigawa Bookmakers

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MerchantCOVER450_small.jpgI’m making an edition of 15 for my Japanese notes/guide book called Hunting Kanazawa. It includes phrases that tourists who don’t speak Japanese might need while in a Japanese-speaking area of the world. Phrases like “Where is my hotel?” and “How much is this?” and more useful questions like “How old is this?” It comes in English, transliteration, and Japanese so if you find yourself not being understood by speaking either Japanese or English, you can show the question to the target of your inquiries. Useful. Convenient!

I’m also working on two other audio endeavors. First is a video of me making The Merchant of Venus and Other Stories. It is definitely not a how-to video; never do as I do, always do as I say (they are often complete opposites). It will show the book being made from writing it to adding the covers. There will be narration, so be forewarned, eh?

The second is an audio book of one of the stories from The Merchant of Venus and Other Stories: In A Quiet Little Bar On The Coast. It will have visuals not necessarily related to the story and the occasional sound effect when called for. When finished, I may post it here first. An exclusive for You Wonderful Folks. Then on YouTube for everyone else.

Remember: The Merchant of Venus and Other Stories is available on Apple Books, Amazon, Nook, Scribd and Kobo for your reading pleasure. If you would like a real book bound by me, the author, slip me an email and we can discuss the details.

email: tedorigawa.bookmakers@gmail.com

YouTube as Tedorigawa Bookmakers

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Instagram as Bookbinder 2015


MerchantCOVER450_small.jpgI have a book of six short stories for sale called The Merchant of Venus & Other Stories. It is available at Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, and Kobo. It will soon be available at the 800 lbs gorilla in the bookosphere, too, I assume.

Two of the short stories are available at those sites for free. You can check out two of the stories: The Merchant of Venus and Monkey, Dick, and I before buying the book. Perfect for gift giving as well!

I talk about both The Merchant of Venus and Monkey, Dick, and I on my YouTube video TDBG Sales Plan.  Along with plans for the next two or three books. 

All books mentioned are available as Real Books i.e. made of paper and backcloth and bound by me, a bookbinder!

email at: tedorigawa.bookmakers@gmail.com

YouTube as Tedorigawa Bookmakers

Facebook as Tedorigawa

Instagram as Bookbinder 2015


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