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It is alwys good to practice all of our skills regardless of what they might be. Language comes to mind but so do physical skills such as skiing, swimming, and darts. In my case, in this case, I wanted to practice my bookbinding O_E_Front.jpgskills and thus, set about doing so. With scrap paper, leftover paper from previous mistakes (printer, typos, or my own mistakes), I made a book.

It's definitely big enough even with the scrap paper. And, it comes complete with a strap to keep it closed. It even has left over bits of book cloth on the cover, randomly arranged by myself. This is another skill I have to acquire.

In making books I've discovered that many people look at the cover. That's it. Just the cover. Often they will open it and glance at the contents. If the textblock is covered in text, they may read a few lines. If it is a lined or blank notebook, they flip though it and continue on life's journey. But they All look at the cover. I need to learn how to make attractive covers that intrique and invite viewers. Covers that people will want to put on their shelves even if they O_E_Open.jpgnever read the thing.


 Next devise: I have four books I need to case in in the next week. I need Covers!O_E_Back.jpg

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