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I uploaded a new cover for an older but fun adventure sci-fi book called The Venetian Slime Woman about a human-like being that comes from slime found only in Venice; the island of Povelgia by name. 

The US government, of course, wants to find out how she evolved, how she never dies, and how she infects others with a hideous wasting disease. Naturally, an EPA water specialist falls in love with her and Adventure Ensues! 
You can find it at smashwords.com

Another book I uploaded, this time to iBooks, is Terra Non Est Centra Mundi (Latin for Earth is not the center of the universe). It’s a fun little frolic with digressions into Heliocentric, Geocentric theories and the Calendar. Plus! It has a short story called Giapan interspersed in the science-y stuff. 
Terra Non Est Centra Mundi is part of my Zine called The Diary of A Dead Cat Quarterly (Too Much Curiosity for Just Nine Lives). Small ebooks that cover a topic I’m interested in and the digressions, tangents, side roads, and connections it takes me on. Other topics (already written but not yet online) are Soup, Sandwiches, Waltz, White Sticks & Blind Dogs, The Art of Kanazawa, and Canals.

All are also available from me at tedorigawa.bookmakers@gmail.com as Real Books!TM Mostly using the Yotsume Toji style of bookbinding.

You can find it at iBooks or by searching for Terra non est centra mundi.


The third book I put together and uploaded to our friends at iBooks was written over 250 years ago: yes, The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman by Laurence Sterne. Volume One is up and ready to be read. This will, I hope, be followed by Volumes Two through Nine in short order. I just need to make an epub or iBooks Author version of them. And edit for errors, of course.

Also available as a Real Book!(TM) from me as well.

You can find it at iBooks, too.

All of these are my efforts at learning more about ebooks, iBooks, online books, and creating neat stuff. Just for you to Enjoy! So please, enjoy.
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