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The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman by Laurence Sterne was first published in 1760 and the ninth and final volume was published a few months before Sterne’s death in 1767. This, you probably already knew.

For me, it is my attempt to put the novel out in both soft cover and online via iBooks, Smashwords, and maybe the Amazon thing. It is mostly my working through making a long document. And to have it for my novel: Tristram’s Printer — about a woman who falls in love with a printer and he falls in love with her however, is she his dead daughter reincarnated? 


Tristram Shandy is most famous for:
  1. The black page
  2. Digressions galore. I mean Lots of tangents and ‘side notes’ which can last Chapter after Chapter.
  3. Typographical quirkiness. The black page, the noses, the squiggles, the marbled pages in the middle rather than as endpapers, the ten blank pages the printer refused to insert so the page numbers just jump ahead ten pages.
  4. Amazingly colorful characters - Toby, Trim, Yorick (of course)
And a long discussion about flies.
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