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Thumb.jpgI have sacrificed cash to the gods of hosting and have the ability to return to you fine folks via a podcast. Thanks for standing by whilst I do what I do. Besides which I toasted my thumb while cutting a potato and subsequently had both a nice dinner and four stitches.

I do, however, have many books to bind. I am writing two novels, one of which I hope to finish in November. Novel One is The City of Cocks about roosters & chickens, a murder in a small town, false accusations, an alcoholic witness, and the growth from immaturity to maturity in a 40ish-year-old poet.

The second is Giapan, the fourth book of my Japan pentalogy, which stars a nun, two guards for a tax collector, and a Japanese art appreciator. They travel from South Central Spain to Guadalajara during the time of the Spanish Armada, the author of Don Quixote (Cervantes, who is the tax collector and really was in real life) and their adventures plus development. I don’t think anyone is falling in love with anyone.

More to come! 

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