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The Diary of a Dead Cat Quarterly is sub-titled with Too Much Curiosity for Just Nine Lives so don't get too bothered about the dead cat reference. It is merely to show we should all have Curiosity in our lives. The purpose of the quarterly is to release our inner cat. In other words, be curious about the world like Curious George and explore, learn, wonder at the universe.

As such, each quarterly issue has lots of things connected to other things but with a major theme running through the whole thing. For Example! Take the first issue: Terra Non Est Centra Mundi (The earth is no the center of the universe) which is about heliocentrism vs geocentrism, time, calendars, and includes references to all the scientific greats such as Nicholas of Kura, Copernicus, Galileo and his daughter Virginia.

It also has a section on the Mary Celeste, the ship found mysteriously floundering about off the coast of Portugal back in 186o-something. And Julian Lennon, but that connection is obvious. (?)

It also includes a short story called Giapan. Which takes place in Spain during the Spanish Armada. What's the connection? I don't know but it’s fun to write.

Other issues in The Diary of a Dead Cat Quarterly include:

• Soup
• Sandwich
• Waltz
• Canals
• White Sticks & Blind Dogs

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