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MayaSchedule_Front_2.jpgI wrote a pentaology - five books in a series that aren't actually in a series. They are companions. They share characters and glide nicely between time and place. One is called The Year Without Days. I have called it the Year Without Days for a long time – while thinking of it, while writing it, while editing it, while setting it up on the computer, while casing it in. The Year Without Days. Why, then, did I print The World Without Days on the cover? And a not-so-good cover it is, too.

At least in today's accomplishments I can list a 2018-19 Schedule that came out fairly okay. Rounded corners and lots of weekly pages, monthly calendars, and three yearly calendars (2018, 2019, 2020). I used an old t-shirt for the cover material and backed it with thin shodo (calligraphy) paper. I didn't attach the paper so well and some of it came off, but generally, this was a good book. I give it to the proper owner by mail tomorrow! Only just in time – the schedule starts in March 2018, not January. Lucky me.


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Ep. 169: City of (Roosters)

CityofCocks2.jpgNot my latest novel but one of my latest. The latest is called Feeding Vicki’s Corpse while this one is called City of Cocks. This is why the title is (Roosters) on the download instead of the actual title. Don’t want parents of little ones to get all frantic; however, please think British English and Biblical English as in the cock crowed three times (Mark 14:71). But let’s skip the religious tangent for a moment and rush back to the novel itself.

I’ve read chapter one on this podcast and I should warn you, the last chapter is a variation on the first chapter except with, of course, a happier ending.

City of Cocks is a poetic murder. Which means one character is charged with murder while two others (his wife and his wife’s friend, Max) try to prove his innocence. Max is a well-known, poor, alcoholic poet who has traveled on his poetry to England and India (at least). The novel is about the people in a small town on the Oregon coast who Max meets. He meets drunks, policemen, a legless bartender, and a ghost. It is the ghost that helps Max the most; not with solving the murder — spoiler alert: the murder is never solved! — but with his drinking.

This is the first novel in my Small Oregon Coast Town Trilogy. The other ones are Feeding Vicki's Corpse and Fighting Für Frëibetjer. They are companions, these books. As many of the characters overlap and their backstories in one novel become more prevalent in another. However, they all stand alone, too. Neither Vicki nor Für are completed but almost.

Another three books to finish sewing, casing in, and enjoying!


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