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This is the small green blank notebook with 80 pages in A6 size, suitable for carrying around to take notes, doodle, draw portraits and cityscapes or whatever you usually do with blank paper. The interior pages, which includes page numbers and a title page, have been sitting on my desk for the last year or so. I finally forced myself to make it, with cheap endpapers but exciting and tactile cover paper.

As for fiction, I wrote a short novel of about 115 pages comprised of seven short stories. The main character in one story will see, or bump into, or be aware of another character in, possibly, a non-speaking role. The second character then becomes the main character in the next story. Or a subsequent story, at least. Two chapters are horror stories, four chapters are love stories, and one chapter is both a horror story and a love story. All of the characters either order, make, or think about drinking a Giant Frothy Thing (frappuccino) so the title of the piece is Giant Frothy Thing: Terror and Love in Tokyo with each story ending with the phrase: And so their adventure of life begins. Implying their life continues and may or may not be connected to the story we are allowed to read. No cover yet, but when one becomes apparent, you’ll see it first here. Well, first after me.





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Ep.162: Beige Blank Notebook

After not doing much for the last few months Except write a Lot. I mean, a Lot! Two or three novels, two or
three other things mostly Not fiction; starting a new novel made up of short stories of related characters, I decided to bind a book. A beige book. For drawing. A blank notebook with a beige cover that I, or anyone, can use as a drawing exercise book.

The book has many pages that I didn’t count and it is almost square but a bit taller than wide. It has colorful endpapers and an outdent similar to the Japanese method of titling a book i.e. Vertical title on the upper right-hand side of the cover. Related to how scrolls were titled back when everyone was using scrolls.

It does, however, have a nice endpaper made up mostly of colorful flowers on a black background. Not so much used but the paper was not so expensive, either. 

The next book I bind will be soon. A novel. The Tokyo Tunnel Girl If I ever get the cover printed. Criminals, murderers, and manga artists running around the imaginary tunnels of Tokyo trying to find the Real bad guys. And selling the movie rights to the manga at the same time. Fun and games for the whole imaginary and perhaps fictious family.

You can buy a copy of The Tokyo Tunnel Girl if you wish. Email me and I’ll work out a deal. 
















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Ep. 161 Procrastinating 101

I have been busy. Not binding books. Not printing out books to bind. Not even cutting book cloth and book boards into the proper shape to bind a book. I have been doing my utmost to procrastinate. By writing. I am currently writing three novels.

  • Giapan - Japanese man in Inquisition Spain, part of my Japan Pentology
  • Botchan’s Bartender - a murder mystery, also part of my Japan Pentology

  • The Giant Frothy Thing - a stand-alone sort-of novel made up of many characters who meet one another in coincindental incidents. Person A casually sees or hears Person B while A is looking for Person C. Person D then meets Person B during or after Person A casually sees or hears them. Not that complicated but fun. Also, the subtitle is Tales of Terror and Love in Tokyo but until I looked at the cover, it had no terror in it. Now it has Psychological Terror! Fun?

I must, must, I say, get back into bookbinding. And soon.



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