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Tokyo Tunnel Girl Ep. 156

TTG_Cover_3.pngThis is a novel I wrote that started another novel that prompted a third novel. First, The Tokyo Tunnel Girl leaves one character unfinished. Not an important character to the plot but important to the careful reader. Plus the last line of The Tokyo Tunnel Girl asks what happened to this character.

The second novel, The Nuns of Nanao, is about this character called, in both books, The Russian. The Nuns of Nanao describes the adventures of The Russian. First, he is not the Russian. His body has been absorbed by another person. This other person was a Russian tank commander in World War Two until he dies in Stalingrad. After dying, he becomes a watchmaker in Brooklyn until he dies again and becomes the Russian. From the beginning the tank commander is seeking his lost love, Nina. He must travel the face of the earth to find her; he must also transmorph - transform - take over the bodies of a watchmaker and a young man living in Brooklyn.

Now, while writing the Nuns of Nanao I needed to refresh my brain. So I wrote Abacus Longing. More on this novel in Episode 154: Story about a Story.

Today, I read the first chapter of The Tokyo Tunnel Girl. Next week, I present to you the first chapter of The Nuns of Nanao and after that, yes, Abacus Longing


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Stock? Ep 155

I’m hoping to make enough stock so that when I go to a store to sell them, and if they want to sell them, I have enough to give them. This is, I believe, the first step in making bookbinding and selling my business. Right?

I’ve got a couple of notebooks, touristy notebooks, and a couple of schedule books that are a bit late to be sold. I also have some for next year, which I will introduce to the stores in September or October. Is that too late?


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