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Episode 147: Glasses


This morning I broke one eye frame off of my glasses so they’re perched nicely on my nose but I best not shake shake shake with the music or they’ll fly happily off into a hardwood floor.
I printed and sewed seven volumes of the nine volume Tristram Shandy. Yes, Shandy again. Next I have to case them in and One Set ---- One! ---- will be finished. Which I will give away as a present to someone who is interested in a) old books b) handmade stuff.


In other news, I finished a very small, six-folio, 12-page, A-6 little book with pictures and a few words. For no reason, it is called Epic Steam. All four Beatles are present, but you’d never recognize them as I obliterated their famous faces with drawings, words, collages etc. But they show up in a picture of women who graduated from high school in 1930.

It occurred to me that if they graduated in 1930, 34 years before the Beatles became big, then they would probably be 52 or so when the Fab Four landed. Meaning, they were the generation that pooh-poohed the music. Or close to it. But they also were around when Lillian Gish was the Fab One. Who? Exactly. But looking at their smiling happy graduation photo made me wonder about the passage of time and changes in life. If any are alive, they’re 105 years old.


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