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Episode 146: Book Travel


Last week I went to the Tokyo Book Art Fair and met many people and saw many different kinds of books. I asked about printing. Most chose: risograph, letterpress, a home computer printer ala Epson, and hand lettering. One chose silkscreen for the few illustrations on her notebook.
The other thing I liked was the wide variety of books: recycled, art, zines, and ‘normal’ books by ‘normal’ publishers who all basically had the same style: perfect binding on letter press imprints.


Plus, I scored a bunch of paper for very little cash. 
Also last week, I finished printing on my home Epson, seven of nine books of Sterne’s Tristram Shandy, something I’ve been working on for quite a while.


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A great experiment gone awry. Or not. How so? I used a roller instead of a brush for the first time on one of my books. This resulted in waaaay too much glue on too thin paper. I adjusted the amount of glue. Still too much. Perhaps the glue was too watery? Using the roller was much  quicker than a brush. I liked it. I need to get a bigger boat… for the glue so I can get just enough on the roller.

I learned getting too much glue on the roller is not a good idea; a roller is much quicker than a brush; glue that is too watery messes up the paper; the proper thickness of the paper is important; cover on the book board first. All valuable lessons, eh? 

The right tool for the right job. You’ve probably heard that before and it seems to apply. For more detailed gluing, a brush of the proper size is, naturally, superior to the roll. For gluing in endpapers, however, I think a roller might just be the right tool. I shall continue to experiment. Probably to infinity.

Click on This to vote on which of the covers you find most… forceful? commanding? Marketable. That’s the word, Marketable. Thanks.


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Episode 144: The Request!

Here are two covers for the same novel and I hope you can help me choose which one - or neither - you like. 

The story is about a young woman with a past who falls in love with an much older man with a past. The man is a letterpress printer and artist. The woman is a bartender, wife, free-spirit who falls in with an Artist and his agent to learn about Bookbinding, Papermaking, Letterpress Printing. She must learn these things to be knowledgeable about the older man's books. It doesn't help that the young woman looks like the older man's long-dead daughter.

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