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I presented three 2014 Schedule Books as presents for Christmas 2013 but only got around to presenting them in 2014, but well before a month late. Only two weeks late. Actually, I gave four 2014 Schedule Books but one person got their book in late December! Shocking, I know.
At left is the cover of one book. It has textured off-white book cloth with a thin red string glued to the front. This one is B6 in size; slightly larger than a pocketbook but has more space for writing in the monthly & weekly calendars.

All four schedule books consisted for the same basic format with each one personalized with different pictures and certain dates. For example, each person's schedule included friends' and their own birthdays. The books were about 100 pages. Each schedule included a yearly calendar covering 2104 & 2015; and a monthly calendar followed by a weekly calendar. With photos interspersed as I saw fit.
Three books were B6 in size while one, the one with the yellow rectangle on the cover, is A5. Or, if you're a north American, three were about 5 x 7 inches and one was 6 x 8 inches. Each book had a different cover, different photos, and different endpapers but the basics were the same. The basic calendar was made in InDesign, converted to pdf, and printed out using Cheap Imposter.
The most encouraging aspect of this project for me was the adding of the endpapers. I think I did a good job of gluing them in properly, and straight. At right you can see the Japaneseque endpaper on one of the smaller books with the very red one on the large book.
The third small schedule book, seen below, is even more Japanese-y than the other. As you can see at left, the endpaper has lots of waves. Not Hokusai's wave, but Japanese-y anyway. The third small book has a blue/white cover with a splash of yellow across the front.

Audio is on the way.

Hold Tight.

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