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Episode 111: Simple Up

This month I have been casing in a few books in order to do two things: use up more of my pile of bookbinding supplies and get better at attaching endpapers. In the last few days I have cased in sic books and the first one I will talk about here is Simple Up, a book with a secret.

Simple Up is an A5-size lined notebook with about 200 pages. After casing in a few books I didn't have a large enough piece of book board to make an A5 size book so I glued and buttressed four smaller pieces together. The slight rectangular bump in the middle of the book, underneath the yellow tag, is the buttress. The four pieces are equal in size with two on the front and two on the back. This managed to use up more book board. My supply dwindles!

The yellow tag and the book cloth at the foot of the book is from another book I cased in earlier in the week, which I will talk about in a future podcast. Both were essentially leftovers that I think I put to practical use. And again, my pile of supply shrinks.

Reflecting on my self-imposed intensive casing
in period, I have discovered a few things. First, endpapers, while still scary, are not as scary as I once thought they were, although diligence is still required. Second, casing in gives me a sense of accomplishment when I finish a good book. Third, practice makes for better casing in, but too much practice makes for a tired bookbinder who ends up making easily avoidable mistakes.

The picture of the front page was taken before rubbing the wrinkles out. An avoidable mistake ~ finish the book before taking a photo.


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As we start in on August, I have relatively little to do at my day job so I'm going to be starting an August Bookbinding Marathon of Sorts. Of Sorts meaning I want to either write, print, sew, or case in a book or do some work on books everyday this month. This is aimed at improving my skills ~ especially when it comes to gluing in endpapers or making covers. Of course, all of my bookbinding skills need improvement, but these are the two I need more confidence and skill in.

Expect, therefore, loads of pictures of completed, hopefully, books during this month and next. First up: Finish Frankenstein! I hate having pieces of books all over the place, don't you? Especially something that should have been done two months ago.

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