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Episode 109: Boxed Clouds

Books are made to be boxed. Especially if you borrow them for over six months. While Cloud Atlas is a book requiring more of a thinking reader than say, Stephen King novels, you wouldn't want to fall asleep with it as damage to the nose could ensue. Interestingly enough, each chapter seems to be written in the first person but the span of characters is wide and varied.

In making a slipcase for Cloud Atlas, I have discovered Six Steps.

  • One ~ measure the book. An obvious, though often overlooked, step.
  • Two ~ Glue the pieces of the slipcase together. Another obvious step but one requiring more than a cursory knowledge of accurate measuring.
  • Three ~ Find a book cloth appropriate to the ambience of the book.
  • Four ~ Find a cool fermented beverage.
  • Five ~ Actually put the book cloth on the slipcase. A step often delayed.
  • Six ~ Admire your handiwork whilst sipping the cool fermented beverage.

In the two photos shown here, I have finished steps One, Two, and Four. And half of Six. I'm looking forward to finishing steps Three and Five, although Five might take awhile. The problem is, I'm doing something new: printing on the book cloth that will be the spine of the slipcase and that requires some trial and error. After the trials and errors, I successfully printed out the book cloth for the spine of this slipcase. Hopefully, I will finish putting it on the slipcase before the apocalypse.


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