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I don't know what it is but whenever I travel, be it by train or car, I find the need to sew a book. Train travel is the best as I have the comfort of not having to watch where I'm going but I still get to my destination relatively unscathed.

Last weekend, I spent two days in a small town out of my normal town. On Friday, I printed out two books and on Saturday, after I circumnavigated the small town afoot, I sewed one. On Sunday, when I was recuperating from a two-hour hike around a forested hilly peninsula, I sewed the other one.

Both are B6 (nicely pocket-size) ~ B5 folded in half ~ lined notebooks with page numbers and small Japanese-English translations (製本 (seihon) ~ bookbinding) on the upper outside corners of each page. I used my usual link stitch to sew them together and used black thread on one and white on the other. Each book is about 192 pages ~ 12 signatures of four sheets each.

Now, I have many, many naked books that need covers. Well, at least six or seven. I'm aiming at experimenting with design printed on book cloth for most of these. Titles on the cover seem to make the book more.... real? Titles on the spine might even make them more saleable? One can only hope.


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