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Episode 89: 2013

2013Cover.jpgIn Episode 87 I talked about the prototype for my 2013 Diary/Calendar. Well, here is the finished product. Green book cloth with lighter green thin paper underneath so that the year would stand out. It is a handy fit-in-your-pocket A6 (41/2" by 6+") in size, it has a bookmark and six signatures of five sheets each for 120 pages. The first 40 pages are both a yearly and monthly calendar going from January 2013 to April 2014. 2013 and 2014 yearly calendars bookend the monthly calendars. Why April 2014? The school year in Japan starts in April.

The final 80-some pages are lined in green ink (to match the cover's greens) with translations in Japanese and English for your educational outlook. Many of the words are nouns:

  • monkey = 猿 (saru)
  • bamboo = 竹 (take)
  • squirrel = 栗鼠 (risu)

2013Monkey.jpgsome are word play:

  • キュウリ (kyuuri - cucumber) = キュリー (kyurii - Marie Curie)
  • 剣道 (kendo, the sport) = 県道 (kendo - prefecture road)

and some are phrases that will come in hand for the paranoid traveler:

  • I broke my leg. = 足を折った。(ashi (leg) o otta.)
  • I'm lost. = 道に迷いました。 (michi (road) ni mayo imashita.)
  • Please call a police officer. = 警察官を呼んでください。 (keisatsukan (police officer) o yonde kudasai.)

2013Endpiece.jpgEverything about this book is what I wanted except for the way I failed to glue down the edges of the numbers. I either didn't get enough glue on the edges or the edges refused to accept it. In either case, the edges have come unglued. And that means, if you were to put this in your pocket, the possibility of tearing the cover at a number is quite high. Starting today, I'm going to rebuild it. And cut the numbers out. I think I need both a steadier hand and a sharper knife or scissors.

Tristram's Printer: A Typographical Love Story

TristramCoverSmall.jpgA lovely young woman accidentally stumbles into the world of book arts, art, and papermaking. She learns the basics of all three arts and finds herself in love with a printer twice her age. Is he in love with her or in love with the image of his dead daughter? Literary fiction with love, divorce, art, drugs, laughter, death, and creativity. The first book of the Calvado Pentalogy.

You can download this novel via smashwords.com ($2.99) or you can email me at tedorigawa.bookmakers@gmail.com and I will hand make one for you.

Thanks. And yes, that's much of my face on the cover.


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Naked Books

Last weekend I was taught, I didn't learn it yet, three-needle coptic binding. It seems to require less thread. Is that possible? And it looks complicated but it really isn't once you get started. Previously in the year I learned two-needle coptic binding which is a third easier than three-needle binding. In the last couple of days I sewed three books using either two- or three-needle coptic binding.

On the left you can see the three books. From the Top we have: Blank Notebook with about 180 pages, A5 in size (pocketbook), all white pages. In the Middle we have: An Odd Assortment of papers, about 180 pages, all A5 in size. The papers are leftovers, misprints, and test prints from my 2013 Diary/Calendar book. Rather than throw them all away, I decided to upcycle them into a memo pad. On the bottom we have: a 2013 Diary A5 in size, about 140 pages, with a bookmark (more on this when it's finished.) These three books will probably be casebound either today or tomorrow, I hope.

nakedbooks2.jpgHere are the front of the three books. From the left are the 2013 Diary, the Blank Notebook, and the Odd Assortment memo pad. The logo on the Odd Assortment is a test print for the 2013 Diary's last page. The 2013 Diary has a tail, as you can see, which is actually a bookmark. All of these fit in your back pocket. Not at once. Unless you have extra deep pockets.

A New Novel

In the past few years I have written a few (5) novels, all love stories. Two are available on Smashwords.Com.

The first one is The Venetian Slime Woman: A Biological Love Story. It's about an EPA water specialist who stumbles into and feels compelled to protect a strange unearthly woman from the Department of Homeland Security.

Homeland Security wants to capture her, experiment on her, 1.jpgand find out what makes her tick. Why? Because she is of a species that grows from slime mould and learns by osmosis. In theory, they can never die. If a human touches the mould before it evolves into a human-like form, they die. If Homeland Security gets her, the Venetian Slime Woman will die.

It takes place in Venice, Seattle, the American midwest, and St. Augustine, Florida.

The reason I'm talking about it here is that I have bound a couple of copies. Smashwords.com is a good place to find and buy ebooks for your Kindle, iPad, or computer. If you like one of my books you can order a real copy - casebound or coptic - from me.

Next week: Tristram's Printer: A Typographical Love Story.


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