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ClamWBook.jpgThis last weekend I went to a craft fair where I ate a nice taco-flavored rice dish. I also, not at the craft fair, made a yellow clamshell box for one of my novels (a re-covered Tristram's Printer - first mentioned back in Episode 50). The novel is actually in two parts. Part one is my novel and part two is the first book of Laurence Sterne's Tristram Shandy. The first book is probably the most read part of Tristram Shandy as it is difficult to get through. Not your average Tom Clancy novel, let me tell you.

Tristram's Printer is about a young woman who learns about papermaking, printing, and bookbinding and falls in Love with a Printer who fantasizes about printing the typographically challenging Tristram Shandy. She is about 25, he is about 50. Characters in Tristram's Printer make an appearance in The Idiot Runs, a time-slipping 2010 Oregon coast to 1462 Venice, Italy bookbinding/printing novel I am currently editing.

clamopen2.jpgThis clamshell box (夫婦箱 - me otto bako, in Japanese. Literally: husband-wife box. 夫 is husband while 婦 is wife.) is my first. It is covered in yellow paper instead of book cloth and that was a mistake. It is already tearing at the hinge. My next clamshell box, coming up in a couple of weeks, will be covered in book cloth. The most challenging and worrisome bits are the measuring, cutting, gluing, and putting together the shell. Almost everything about it is worrisome to some extent.

Always in the back of my mind is the possibility that it won't fit together properly. In fact, the first attempt didn't because of a mis-measurement. This, while the first completed clamshell box, was renovated during construction as the first attempt had the two boxes colliding.


Clamshell boxes: they're not for the squeamish.


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Flash_Front1.jpgThis is another lined notebook. B7 in size - pocket-sized and handy, if I do say so myself. With this blog url, my email, name, and the name of 手取川製本 on the cover in an inset. About 112 pages but no pictures. The cover is Japanese style paper and red craft paper which I cut irregularly. Plus, it went over the inset, which isn't something I wanted. However, it is pocket-sized and handy.

Flash_open.jpgWhat did we learn from this? Again and again, we learn that measuring and planning is important. If I had measured the red spine paper better, it wouldn't have covered the inset. If I had planned the placement of the inset, the red paper wouldn't have covered the inset, either. We live, we learn, we grow. Right?

On the bright side, for the first time since I've started binding books, a member of my family has actually  asked to use one that was already completed (vs a 'special order'.) I had planned to use a certain blank notebook to keep a list of the books I've made. Now it is being used to keep a list of books someone has read. Hey, it's related, eh?


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