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Pictures of Lili + Piling Up

This is not my expertise on display here but comes from a blog called Lili's Bookbinding Blog. Also, it is not a Japanese binding being used here but a coptic binding designed to mimic a Japanese stab binding. Obviously the thread parallel to the spine does not connect to the threads that hold the book together. Achieving, as it were, the opening capabilities of the coptic binding while the aesthetically pleasing Japanese stab binding is assured. Lili has many other examples of coptic binding at her blog plus many other art works. Check it out.

Life is definitely for the fun-loving, eh? I've got a lot of things to do but life such as work or family has prevented.... and my own laziness, of course ... prevented me from accomplishing all that I wish i could be. What have I got to do? Lots.

• First priority is a diary/journal for my daughter. Fortunately it is a year-end/new year's present so I have a little bit of wiggle room on that one.

• Second, I have two novels (which you can purchase if you so desire) and three copies of each novel that need to be bound. Not bound, actually, as I have bound them except for their covers. Naked books, as it were.

• Plus one large art book: a book for doodling. Closed it is A4 in size, open it is A3 in size. Doodling for the whole family. It is bound and just requires a cover.

Obvious priority is to my daughter's diary/journal. Unobvious priority is to finish this year's NaNoWriMo novel. Ha! I've got 5,000 words written and six days left to finish it. No problem. If I only had a plot.

See you next time.


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