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Episode 68: Fuzzy Julius

Welcome to Fuzzy Julius. This is a B4-size (5 1/4 x 7 1/2 inches) lined notebook with 128 pages (Eight signatures of four sheets each) with yellow endpapers. What it basically is is more practice. I practiced a better technique of attaching the endpapers and also a better way to crease the spine. It also uses pieces of paper that I wanted to use up before I ran off and purchased a few quarter acres of more paper. I have a bunch that I hope to use up with excellent books of a variety of types. I also have wood for covers that I want to use soon, too. Ta da. Look! A road paved with good intentions! Haven't seen many of those in the last few decades.




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July Books

A link to a YouTube video I made of a few books I made this past week. Please enjoy while I figure out how to embed the video on podbean.

July Books by Tedorigawa Bookmakers

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