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Episode 67: Notebook Photos.

Tree_Coffee2.jpgWelcome back y'all. I've been busy with life and enjoying myself except that I haven't made a book in two months or more. I've planned Tree_Coffee_1.jpgquite a few, of course, and that leads me to my next big project. And you all are involved. If you want to be.

I'm going to make a bunch of notebooks: A5 and B4 in size - handy for pockets, doodling during meetings, shopping lists, sketches, and diaries - with photos of the city in which I live interspersed throughout. Twelve photos to correspond with the twelve months but the photos will not be season-coordinated. No fluffy kittens chasing snowflakes.

My thinking on having photos from around the city is that potential customers will pick up the notebook and think, "Uh, another notebook." Then they will flip through it as we are wont to do when picking up a notebook. A photo will catch their eye and it will be of a place they are familiar with. Will this pique their interest? I hope so. Will it pique it enough for them to shell out some cash for it? I hope so.

Here is where you come in. Over the next few weeks or months, I will be posting five photos here. If you tell me which photos you prefer, I will include your name at the end of the notebook as contributing editor. Or a more glamorous title. Art director maybe? All you have to do is:

  • look at the shots
  • state your preference in the Comments section
  • leave the name you wish to have emblazoned across the back of the notebook.

Sky_Machi.jpgToday's five photos are, from upper left: Tree and Coffee One, Tree and Coffee Two (closer); Skyline with Town One (more sky and clouds) Skyline_1.jpgand Skyline with Town Two. And down at the bottom we have a Cemetery. The coffee shop is a small local roaster trying to compete with Starbucks and Tully's. It has two locations and a very small clientele, as far as I can see. But it deserves a chance, eh?

The two skyline photos were taken from a ridge overlooking one of the two rivers that bisect the city. The river is in the foreground and barely visible in the two pictures. We are looking toward the main downtown area of the city with the big buildings, noise, buses, and people in Skyline with Town Two, and away from downtown towards the mountains that are dusted with snow during the winter in Skyline with Town One. Well, not dusted so much as buried under several yards of the stuff.

And down here at the bottom is a snapshot of a cemetery attached to a local temple. Cemeteries, temples, and shrines are an oasis against noise and visual pollution in the cities. They are visually, aurally, and spiritually more placid that the hustling city streets no matter what city you're in.

Let me know which photos you'd like to see in a notebook by punching the Comment button at the bottom of this episode and stay tuned for more in the coming weeks. Many with audio. Cemetary.jpg


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