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RetirementBook_Front.jpgThis evening I finished a case-bound 128-page lined notebook with photos of the city and friends for a co-worker who is retiring as of tomorrow. There are eight signatures of four sheets each. The book is A5 (small - 8.3 x 5.8 in) in size so it will fit easily into a coat pocket. It has Japanese wave-y paper for the cover, black paper for the spine, and photos of a retirement party as endpapers. There is also a moleskine-esque strap to keep it closed.

What I learned from this book is Think! The strap could have been placed more correctly had I given it more thought. Also, when you print out about 128 pages of lined paper - buy ink. The lines sort of fade off toward the end of the book. However! It's the thought that counts, isn't it?

I shall present this book to my co-worker as a work of love for all the support, assistance, and knowledge she has foisted upon me (and others) over the years. She will be sorely missed. It is interesting to note that her selflessness has earned her high praise from co-workers but paranoia from management, who feared that she, by helping others and being a leader, wanted their jobs. Is this true of all managers or only merely incompetent ones?


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No, no, this book doesn't run, at least not very far, but it's a notebook for writing down your running accomplishments. Well, not exactly your running feats but a friend of mine can.

I made it for a friend who runs both half-marathons and marathons. She runs nearly everyday and she runs with an iPod Touch. She probably already has an app for recording her running and exercises. (rubiTrack perhaps?) But I made this book for her anyway.

It has ten signatures of four sheets each for a total of 160 pages. It is B6 in size, which is a handy size to slip into a pocket; if you have a pocket in your running outfit. It also has pictures on random pages of marathon runners, masses of people at the start of a marathon, and a


sign that says "No Running." Why? Because my friend's motto is No Running/No Life. It was easy to find a sign that said "No Running" - every swimming pool has one - but nearly impossible to find one that said "No Life."

Also, each page has space to write down the distance run, the marathon name, the time it took to run the marathon, and comments. With each page having space for about 15 marathons, my friend will have to run about 3,000 marathons to fill up the book. No problem, eh?

The cover paper is the same as the Setsubun book down there in Episode 62. I like the feel of the paper as well as the design. It is a little rough - not really rough - so it is a tactile.

RunningBook_Open.jpgI have found I work better (faster?) when I have a goal. I must be goal-oriented because once I decided to make this book, I worked on it until it was finished. On the other hand, I have four text blocks that have been sewed, the mull has been sewed on and the four semi-books are sitting on my desk waiting to be dressed. I suppose I need a good idea of what to do with them. One or two of the text blocks are lined notebooks, one is blank, and one is a novel. I think I need inspiration for the cover. Or book boards.

And an update: Last night I had a flash of insight.

I will make one of the books for a colleague who is retiring and, I'm sure, needs a handmade, lined notebook.


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