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Episode 63: A book of faces?

Yes, I have now enrolled my books in the library that is Facebook. Check out my face on Facebook at Tedorigawa Bookmakers. Why? To explore all the avenues; this is, after all, a blog of exploration and aspiration. Enjoy.


tedorigawa bookmakers

The usual short Tedorigawa audio drama begins about three minutes into the audio. Enjoy.


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SetsubunBack.jpgWith ten signatures of four sheets (folios?) each, the Setsubun Book comes in at a handy 160 pages. It's A5 in size. The first folio of each signature is green, which sort of accents the cover's green. The thread is black, which accents the cover, too, I believe. The cover is a very tactile - a bit rough - paper I found in a local shop. The book has red endpapers that accent nothing but definitely give a sense of adventure when you open the book for the first time.

This is the first coptic binding I have sewn in five months and I think I did a fairly good job of it. So good, in fact, that I'm putting it up for sale. For $12.34 US. It comes with a string attached, however. You have to tell me how it holds up over the time you have it.

But what is Setsubun and why is this book named as such? Setsubun is a part of the spring festival in Japan. It's Setsubun_Open.jpgtraditionally considered the beginning of Spring and is February 3rd. On Setsubun people throw roasted soybeans (福豆 - fuku mame = luck beans) in two directions: out of their house and into their house. While throwing the beans out of their house, people yell "Oni ha soto!" (Devil - or demons - out!) and while throwing beans into their house, people yell "Fuku wa uchi!" (Fortune in! 福 - fuku = fortune).

This book was completed on February 3rd, therefore it was saddled with the name Setsubun Book. A wonderful addition to anyone who wants a blank notebook for drawing, notes, doodling, or having around the house.

Don't forget to look at our other books for sale on the For Sale page: A B6-sized blank notebook (moleskine-esque) for $12.34 and two Original Novels in one convenient book.

Tedorigawa Bookmakers gives 20% of sales to Kiva, a micro-finance group that loans money to impoverished entrepreneurs in developing economies.



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tedorigawa1_black.jpgI asked a friend who happens to be a graphic artist to maketedorigawa1_red.jpg me a logo for this blog and she did. Here it is in black and here it is in red. It's got the word Tedorigawa in Japanese. In Japanese it's 手取川. The te is 手, which is on the top; the dori is 取, which is the face; and the gawa is 川 which is the smile and cheeks. Cool, eh?

In thanks, I made her this book with her name on the front. It's a blank notebook with about 160 pages in a case bound book. The covers are made of black, wrinkly paper that is kind of thick, green book cloth, and the yellow and red papers that are under the artist's name. It is also the first book to have the logo in it. An historic first! This is actually the second book I've given her. The first one was another blank book with her picture on the inside front cover.



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RedKanji_front.jpgI found this red and gold kanji-esque paper in my local paper shop (conveniently located by a major bus stop) which I decided was too good for endpapers and not useful as text-block paper so I put it on the cover. These blanks notebooks, the smaller two with the black book cloth on the spine, are 128 pages. As is the smaller red one without the black book cloth on the cover. The larger one is a novel.

The novel is called The Priests of Hiroshima. Perhaps in the picture below you can see the kanji a bit better. The novel is about a medical student, a Japanese university student and a talking cat that shows them how to traipse through time. They meet a priest who challenges Gutenberg. PH_FRONT.jpgThe priest meets a nun. Is the med student the priest or the nun? Love and revolution ensue. In fact, the subtitle is An Historical Love Story.

There is nothing about the actual priests of Hiroshima in the entire book, I believe. I haven't read it in a while but I did write it. The P and the H on the front have to do with, yes, Priests and Hiroshima.

The Priests of Hiroshima is a sequel of sorts to Calvado, A Deadly Love Story, a novel about the same medical school student involved with a singer who has a deadly secret about love.

Both Calvado and The Priests of Hiroshima are available in One Volume. Click on For Sale to find out more. And now, obviously, The Priests of Hiroshima is available as a solo adventure.


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