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As promised: Audio for The Mini Fish is up.

MiniFish_Open.jpgAt the end of making a few books (see below for the Islamic Wave book and the New Year book, plus others upcoming in future episodes... Wait, you can't scroll down to see future episodes.)

After completing a few books, I had a lot of leftover scraps of paper, thread, and a small bit of glue. I decided to make a small book in order to use up the leftovers. Waste not, want, eh? Naturally, what I thought was going to be a project to consume leftovers turned out to be a project that produced More Leftovers. Considering the size of the Mini Fish book, it was quite frustrating trying to reduce & recycle only to end up with more garbage.

The problem that arose was I decided on the size of the book based on some leftover bookboards I had. A little trimming (some waste) and they were square. Then I needed paper for the pages. I trimmed some leftover paper (more waste). When I went to gather my endpapers, I chose a leftover sheet and, yes, trimmed it (more waste). And there was a mistake or two.

The Mini Fish Book is 184 mm x 75 mm with 10 pages folded in thirds so that each page is wider by a third than the book itself. Casebound with, I think, very nice endpapers that are just bit askew.

As I think about it, the Mini Fish book is not a book for mini fish (Mrs Paul's?) as the Islamic Wave book is not about sports enthusiasts standing and sitting in staggered unison. It's a mini book with a fish on the back cover. The cover is actually a recycled bag that some food (a fish-shaped piece of pastry) came in. Without the pastry in it, of course.

Music on the audio is Something Else by The Drowning Hundred


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Recently I have been looking at other ways to bind a sheet of papers and I ran across the Islamic style. This has a flap over the front edge to protect it from wear and tear. Often used with qurans and other books the binder felt needed protection. This book, to your left, is my first attempt. It's about 128 pages of 8 signatures of four sheets each, I think.

The paper is a Japanese-style paper I picked up at a local paper shop (recently opened) and not the cheapest pulp in the place. But it looks nice, along with the green bookcloth. I also combined the same wave-y paper with black bookcloth on the spine to make a birthday present for a friend: another blank notebook of about 128 pages

As you might be able to see from the photos, the Islamic bound bookIslamicWaveKumata.jpg is A5 and the birthday book is B6. This year's New Year's resolution is to bind more in more different styles and get more expertise under my hat. Perhaps this is a good start. My current project is another birthday present: Islamic binding, again, with more pages.


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Box_Front.jpgToday being the first episode since the last one, I must gleefully report that I made one book and repaired another one. First, the repair job. One of my small green blank notebooks had a problem: the endpapers were falling out - not enough glue or the wrong kind. I ripped it off, glued it back, and counted myself an accomplished soul.

Next, the new book. To call it a book is a misnomer because it has about 16 pages. It contains a work of fiction, however, so it could be a book. The fiction is called

"The Box"

about a boy who wakes up in a box. He spends the day in his box until, as publishing marketing corporate types would say, He Learns a Valuable Lesson.Box_Interior.jpg

What did I learn from making "The Box"? Planning. Again. You'd think I'd learn after a few years that planning is kind of important. Measuring is kind of important, too, if you're not going to use standard sized paper.

For those of you who listened to Tedorigawa Bookmakers: Check out this link for the axolotl and Lake Xochimilco: Link


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