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Episode 56: Monica Holtsclaw

A special episode today as we interview Monica Holtsclaw of BoomBoxBindery.com. She studied at the North Bennett School and is a box maker and bookbinder in Florida.

The quality of the interviewer's voice isn't as good as I wished it was, but Monica's voice is clear and she does most of the talking so please listen and enjoy.

Monica talks about how she got started in bookbinding (after studying to be a graphic designer), and her workflow for making one-of-a-kind books and editions. She also has advice for people just starting out bookbinding and for people thinking of starting a bookbinding business.

The music is Universe) by Vitaly

from musicalley.com


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Episode 55: Busy Season

The busy season for handmade, handbound books is drawing to a hectic close. Christmas is when most sales are made with possibly the exception of summer fairs. However, if we sell books in stores (not necessarily our own) probably a large percent of our sales is just around the corner. If we haven't got a ton of books sewn up, covered, and ready to go, we will soon. Hopefully by Thanksgiving or the end of November so we can relax during the holidays.

In any case, enjoy this short video about a paper temple - amazing camera work.


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