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What is Santa Reparata in Florence, Italy? It's your basic International Art school that teaches, among other subjects:

  • Digital Imaging - Photography
  • Drawing - Painting
  • Creative Writing, Literature, Journalism
  • Design: Fashion, Jewelry, Textile
  • Italian, Music appreciation, Politics and Social Science


Is it expensive? It depends on how you value education, your own satisfaction at improving your skills and whether you think 1000 euros is a lot or 6000 euros is a little. But the main point is you'd be learning Art in Florence, Italy! Home of those guys DaVinci and Michelangelo, among a few dozen others.


That said, my goal for this summer is to make three books: an accordion book with a series of short short stories, a blank journal with a funky cover, and a couple of novels that may or may not be for sale. The other two will, of course, be up for the highest bidder. I mean, isn't the purpose of bookmaking to make enough money to go to Italy to study bookbinding? Of course it is.


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