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Dragonfly Novel

Dragonfly_front.jpgHi, how ya doin'? Let me show you my latest - and quickest - bookbinding, er, extravaganza:

The Dragonfly Book

This is actually a novel written by Seth Harwood called This Is Life. I quickly bound two other copies of the same novel earlier and if you page down, you can probably see them. As you can see the border between the blue dragonfly cloth and the black spine cloth is screwed up. Why? Because I moved too fast and didn't pay attention to what I was doing. But I needed the book quickly and didn't have the time. Again, haste made waste - I especially feel upset that I wasted the dragonfly cloth; it's pretty and deserved a better application. In my feeble defense, this book is for me and for reading pleasure so there's no actual problem except to my pride. I am now working on a better - slower - more accurate - version. Hopefully, with the extra time and slower pace, the end result will feed my ego (it has been starved as of late.)

The book has nine signatures, sewn nicely together with a few blank pages at the back. Then casebound with the dragonfly cloth I found in a flea market for about 50 US cents. I backed the cloth with thin paper and glued it nicely around the book boards - forgetting about the border twixt black and blue. The black cloth is also hand-backed by myself - it is from an earlier project. Here is what This Is Life looks like opened up: dragonfly on the front, black on the back. It is A5 in size using copy paper and 162 pages, not including a couple of blank pages.


New audio is up and vocal.

Thanks for coming by.


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