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Entrance_hand.jpgThis is the fourth book I've made in the last few days that has improved my making of books like this. Which only makes sense. I'm getting better at making them faster, too. I've worked out a production schedule that streamlines the process: folding, sewing, gluing the text block and measuring, cutting, and gluing the covers.

This is the "Entrance Ceremony Book" It is B6 in size (7 and a half inches by about 5+ inches for you Americans), as are the other books I've made in the past few days. There are 10 signatures of five sheets each for a total of 200 pages. The other books were 100 pages but felt too slim. With 200 pages it looks more like a, uh, book. The cover paper is a nifty paper I found in a paper shop. Very Japanese-y, don't ya thunk? The endpapers are a thick paper I had assembled in a previous life - a pale yellow-ish endpaper that matches some of the color in the cover.

Why "Entrance Ceremony Book?" Because the day I finished it was the day I attended an entrance ceremony for a high school. (Since school starts in April here.) And I figured, what better name for a book? Plus, I can give it to someone who is starting school next year - unless they've discovered computers, cell phones, and apps.



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