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RedBlack_Open.jpgThis weekend, a three-day affair for Tedorigawa, we put together three blank notebooks. Unfortunately, many mistakes. Each notebook is five signatures of five sheets each for a total of 100 pages B6 size; handy and useful. Fits in any pocket. Book One "Red and Black" has a thin cover, too thin for the glue, and a white stripe down the left side. The Front has a yellow label on it not unlike Japanese texts. From this we learned not to use thin boards for the cover.

The second, a rather charming monocolor number, has bare book boards save for three yellow strips of bookcloth holding it together. It also has a green interior paper cover to keep it together.

RedBlackYellow_Open.jpgOur third attempt utilized a cornucopia of leftover bookcloth to make a charming Piet Mondrian-esque cover. Nicely put together, if I do say so, except for those Blasted EndPapers! Why?! Why!? Are those Endpapers so Hard to get? Actually, this weekend and these three notebooks were an experiment to see if I could:

  • A) get the endpapers right and
  • B) Time how long it took me to make a notebook.

To A) the answer is: Two out of three isn't bad, is it? That's batting 750 in the majors. To B) the answer is: 90-to-120 minutes. Is that slow? I don't know.


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I'm dipping my toe (small one on the left foot) into the briny waters of online marketing. I have finally arrived at a couple of bound items that I wouldn't mind parting with.

Calvado_hand2.jpgThe first up for sale is:

Two Novels In One Handsome Volume.

The first novel is Calvado: A Model Love Story. It's about a female model/medical student who befriends and is sucked into the life of a male singer/scammer. The Tarantino-esqued time sequence makes it fun to read but there's even more excitement: This is the first draft! Which means you get to see the warts and all! It also means that in the future (this year) I will be editing it, re-writing parts, correcting any errors, and adding more depth to the plot and characters. But you will get it at its most embryonic state!

Calvado_open2.jpgThe second novel is a sequel that can be read without reading Calvado. The Priests of Hiroshima: An Historical Novel is a time-travel story gliding from present-day Istanbul to the time of Gutenberg. Calvado, the model/med student in the first novel, gets involved in history, a Japanese student, a talking cat who knows where the time portals are, and a crusty old bookseller who may or may not be 900 years old. This is also available in its first, raw, naked version.

This is a fun read (talk about warping time), with good solid characters, a global setting, and a quirky ending.

The book is casebound, A5 in size, black bookcloth, 234 pages (Calvado is 120 pages and The Priests of Hiroshima is 114); and if you purchase this one, you'll be given the first chance to buy the revised, expanded edition. Autographed if you want it.

You can read samples of both novels at



The Priests of Hiroshima.

Priced at only $234.56 (first editions and first drafts are rare, you know.)

Coming soon: The Tsunami: a blank notebook made during the Chilean tsunami


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