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BlackBooksTwo.jpgFinished! Two small black blank notebooks. One is 160 pages and one is 128 pages. I used black cotton cloth backed by thin Chinese paper because I thought it would look cool - but black picks up dirt more readily and apparently than other colors.

One notebook has a strap to keep it closed, the other doesn't. Both have really nice white paper as endpapers. I got this nice white paper as the wrapping for another really nice paper I bought at my local nice paper store.  It was such a great looking piece of paper I knew I would have to recycle it rather than just dump it. Plus, I'm planning on buying more paper from that store: two for the price of one. The one with the strap also has a bookmark which is too short, but these are learning experiences, aren't they? Yes, they are.

BlackStrap.jpgMaking the strap, or rather, attaching the strap was the major learning experience for this couple of books. I cut a couple of holes in the back cover book board and then sewed the strap in - only stabbing myself three times. I glued the endpapers and cover over the strap, of course and brought it out the top edge and through the bookcloth. So far - one day - it is holding up nicely to the pokes and pulls of curious onlookers. Certainly is Moleskine-esque, isn't it?

They are both very flexible and soft because the bookboards were very thin, almost like a thin-crust pizza but without the toppings but thicker than the kind of cardboard you get when you buy a shirt (an no pins).

Now that these two are finished, I have one more blank notebook to do but it won't be all black. I'm thinking black on the spine-y bit and yellow for the rest. With a bookmark and a strap to keep it closed. After all three are finished, I will attempt to bind four novels - two to a book - with bookmarks and fine covers. These three notebooks are my continuing practice events. And aren't they all?


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Tristram_side.jpgUsing Cheap Imposter I have imposed five novels and printed them out. I have sewed the sections together and am working on the covers. They'll be perfect bound but not perfectly bound. Is this not also called casebound? Like a hard back novel.

The novels are, in order of printing: Calvado: A Deadly Love Story and The Priests of Hiroshima: An Historical Love Story written by me. These two are combined into one book: a double novel! The main character of Calvado appears in The Priests of Hiroshima as well. More on her and them later.

Tristram_Front_Small.jpgThe third and fourth books are Tristram's Printer written by me and Tristram Shandy (Vol. One) written by Laurence Sterne. Tristram's Printer and Tristram Shandy are in one volume together because Shandy is discussed in Printer so it only makes sense to have them together, don't you think?

What Is Tristram's Printer About?

Tristram's Printer is about two people, a printer in Guttenberg, Iowa and woman who abandons a psychologically abusive husband to work for a painter. The painter insists that she learn about papermaking, bookbinding, and printing. She falls in love with papermaking. The painter then insists that she convince the printer to work for the painter. At one point, she asks the printer what book he would like to print most and he replies Tristram Shandy and why.


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