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TwoYellowTogether.jpgI completed two yellow books this past week. One, the larger, is a novel I captured in the wilds of National Novel Writing Month (some years ago) titled: Calvado, A Deadly Love Store. A time-warping ala Tarantino story about a man who is death to whomever he loves, literally, and the med student/former model he falls in love with.

The thicker one - 160 pages, 10 signatures of four sheets each - is a blank notebook with an accessory on the front: an 'A'. It is destined to be released to someone whose first or last name begins wih, oh, I don't know, an 'A' perchance?

These are both two of many attempts at making a hardbound (cased in?) book. A book that looks like, as my friends would say, 'a real book.' Not coptic bound or a pamphlet stitching thing but a 'real' book. Well, Calvado is a real book, with words and everything.

A_Book_Front.jpgI currently have three works-in-progress that I hope to finish over the winter holidays. First, another NaNoWriMo novel, The Priests of Hiroshima which stars Calvado in Istanbul in yet another time-warp novel but not a look-I'm-copying-Resevoir-Dogs time-warp but a real one: the characters jump back and forth between Mainz, Germany in the 1430s (Gutenberg is, yes, a character), Istanbul today and just before the Fall of Constantinople in 1453. The main characters are: The former model/med student Calvado, a bookstore owner and his cat, a Japanese tourist, Gutenberg, and a priest who attempts to shut the heathen Gutenberg down only to fall in love with a serving wench. That's the first project in progress.

Second project is another copy of Calvado with better binding and endpapers. The third is a Wine Diary which is complete except for the cover. It's been sewed up and lathered in glue and awaits the appropriate cover. I'm hoping for wood but I think it's going to get book boards and book cloth. Maybe a creative cover with accessories; I'm still thinking about it. Below you can see the inside of Calvado.


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