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Archive for November 2009

three_ontop.jpgIn the last few days I have worked my way through three different books of three different sizes. Each one has its strengths and weaknesses but all are pretty good. I must be getting better at this bookmaking business. From the pictures you can see they are small, medium, and large (or grande). One is from my Cereal Series, one from my second or third attempt at Perfect Binding, and the last was featured on Episode 38: The Big One.

three_recentsidebyside.jpgThen I went to an exhibition of paper and books here in town and got incredibly wonderfully voraciously inspired and sat down to design a 1000 more books. Time was a constraint, of course, so I only completed the design of about three books. One of which has a new binding/old binding that I want to try out. It's sort of a woven affair. I'll be using that one on a book about looms.


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