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Episode 28: I Have Succumbed

I have been tempted, I have succumbed; not to a disease hidden for centuries in the gold-engraved cover of an ancient aphrodisiac tome nor by the seductive charms of a temptress intent on stealing my soul, but, yes, I have been sucked into the vortex that is social media, the top dog of the social media pound, yes, twitter. Follow my random (and bookbinding related, I might add) tweets at (click to connect):

Tedorigawa Tweeterville

And now: The Further Adventures of

Tedorigawa: The Experimental Bookmaker


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AdelaideI will be working on my Crapsey Quintain Coptic Book of poetry tonight as I have delayed working on it for quite some time, and don't you just love the name?

Adelaide Crapsey created a type of poem she called the quintain - a 5-line poem of 22 syllables total. Eacy line should get progressively longer but that doesn't always hold water, not even for Ms Adelaide. I don't know why I got interested in her, her quintains, or her biography. Could it have been because of her surname? Am I that shallow?

Here's an example of one of her quintains called Night Winds

Night Winds

The old

Old winds that blew

When Chaos was, what do

They tell the clattered trees that I

Should weep?

On a business note, I am planning to sell my books and will be setting up an online shop for a variety of finished books shortly. As an added bonus to early visitors, I will be throwing in - free - other stationery items such as pens, notebooks, simple notepads, and a 1959 250 GT Berlinetta Ferrari. Oh, wait. I made a mistake. Sorry, no notepads. Or the Ferrari, gosh darn it!

Not open yet, watch this space for future developments and the opening day.


music from Sonnyboo.com and composed by Peter John Ross. Check out his movies! Especially Relationship Card - it's hilarious.


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