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ThisIsback.jpgThis Is... used to be called Invisible Rhino, eh? But because there are no invisible rhinos in theThisIscordfront.jpg entire book, the title has been revamped.. But there is life? Well, with the aid of a lot of huge and small corporations, I have recycled a bit of this and that. This book has eight signatures of four pages each for a total of about 128 blank pages.

Included are three cords that keep the notebook closed - two cords circumnavigate the tome while one just leaps over the front edge and wraps itself around the pink button.

What's the purpose? Keep it closed? I think I need one for my mouth. Actually, my last book was ThisIsspine.jpgquite plane: green cover and nothing else. This is a reaction to minimalism. Clutterism, I think I'll call it. The endpapers are rough and torn which gives the book a bit of character.ThisIsopen.jpg

On the back are the Japanese words: 手取川. This is pronounced: Tedorigawa. This is a sake manufacturer near here. It is also a river and the site of a major battle in a major war about 400 years ago. It is also the kanji for Tedorigawa Bookmakers.

What did we learn from this book: I like long stitch and will attempt it again. I also learned I need to much more careful whilst sewing it together; the long stitch is nice but the link stitch at the top and bottom are not very pretty. Downright ugly, if you ask me. But still, a cute little book with a lot of cheerful smiles about it.


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Episode 23: Invisible Rhinos

Here we have a couple of shots of a Work In Progress. (I love that phrase; it might mean: not finished yet - may never be.) Cool. Anyway, here is a shot of the parts including Rhinos - partspages that are as of yet blank. They will, hopefully, be filled with ramblings, stories and drawings before the book is 'finished.' I have the ideas, not the time.

There are eight signatures of four pages each for 16 pages per signature. I'm going to beeswax some colored thread, in the foreground, there, and use a long stitch (exposed) binding.

Next, Premium-detailfront.jpgdetails from the front. Here we see a fish-like creature with a fishline-like object jutting out of its southern mouth area. With 'Premium roast coffee' and a couple of buttons. This book has three cords - two wrap around the whole book while one is content with just flipping over the front edge. These two buttons are what the cords will wrap around once they circumnavigate the book. Both the coffee boast and the 'ECO' (Enron Company Officer?) are from a McDonald's takeout bag, hence the existence of half the easily if not readily identifiable 'M'.

Besides the insides, I need to put on the endpapers and drill the holes for the exposed binding. Hopefully, someday soon this will no longer be a "Work in Progress."

Some sounds (some? Most!) from FreeSound.


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